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There are many different ways to boost your profits, especially when you are focusing on affiliate marketing as your main revenue source.

For most successful affiliate marketers, this will usually come through the use of landing pages, paid traffic sources and continually tweaking campaigns to squeeze out as much profit as possible.

However, there is also another method for successfully increasing your affiliate income – which is through the use of affiliate niche sites.

The concept is pretty simple.

Find a niche audience, cater to their needs with really great content, and provide a solution to their problems as well.

The end solution to such problems should ultimately be the affiliate product or service you are promoting.

To see a complete walkthrough of how this typically works and is broken down before launch, you can view my blog monetize guide.

Fatal Attraction: Boosting Income with Affiliate Niche Sites

The reason why affiliate niche sites are so appealing is that they can earn a decent amount of income without the need to spend a lot of money on creation and promotion.

However, the drawback here is that it usually takes a while for sites to organically rank in the search results – but again, it’s still an amazing opportunity for someone to make money online without needing to spend a lot of time and money in the process.

To help with this concept, I’m going to provide you with four actionable tips on how to make even more money with your niche site, while also helping it rank higher and faster in the search result – all while not requiring you to spend a lot of money in the process.

1. Niche Down as Much as Possible

This one is kind of obvious… but I can’t stress it enough, and it’s still something that many people get wrong.

The one clear takeaway is this: there are over a billion active sites on the internet today and they are all creating content.

The last thing the internet needs is more content.

Instead, we need better content.

Not only do you need to niche down as much as possible and know exactly who your audience is and what they want, you also need to create better content than your competition.

Stay away from writing a bunch of 500-word posts and stick with 2,000-word articles instead.

Make sure they are great, provide real value and have multiple call-to-actions throughout.

If you need some help with this process, start with any of these top affiliate verticals, then work your way down.

Remember, the more niche focus, the better off your site will be.

2. Retarget Your Audience

Did you know that the cost of getting a first customer is multiple times higher than that of a repeat customer?

The same thing can be said for traffic to your website. Instead of letting people find your content in the search results, visiting your site and leaving, you should be retargeting them as well.

Through the use of retargeting, you can show advertisements to visitors after they leave your site.

This can be done by using ad platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and many other third-party retargeting networks.

This advertising option will work much better for niche sites that are pushing higher-end products where they earn a commission of $20-$30+ or more. Either way, this is definitely worth testing out.

Here’s a good resource guide on how the whole concept of retargeting works.

3. Create an Original Infographic

Yes, we’ve all seen infographics before and there is really nothing new and exciting about them… but guess what?

They still work extremely well when you put in the time and effort to promote them. Here’s a simple plan to make it work for your niche site.

First, find some great stats around anything relating to your niche.

Pull out the best data and make sure to cite all of the necessary references.

Then go to a graphic design editor like Canva.com and create an infographic with one of their templates.

The next step is to write up an awesome article to go along with your infographic and post both of them to your site.

The last step in this process is the promotion.

One of the first things you should do is submit your infographic to all of these free image directories.

If you are really motivated, you can then reach out to other sites in your same niche to see if they would like to share or even post the infographic to their site.

The better your infographic, the easier this process will be.

4. Go Live with an Expert Roundup Post

Sticking with the theme of creating original and shareable content, it’s a great idea to go live with an expert roundup post of your own.

Expert roundup posts are usually just long articles filled with answers to a single question, which you’ve emailed and asked several experts to answer to.

The value here is the content they are providing to your audience, and also that you can gain massive backlinks, social shares and authority by posting such content on your site.

You can see several examples of live expert roundups here.

A perfect example of how this could work is if you were promoting a weight loss or exercise product.

Since this space is extremely saturated, it shouldn’t be hard to get a lot of fitness experts to contribute to your round up.

Simply run through Google and search out the best health sites and blogs, send out an email to each of them (asking them a single question), and then go live with a massive roundup on your site when you have enough answers.

Don’t forget to include a profile picture and link back to each of the expert sites.

This will increase the chances for each expert to share your roundup when it’s live.

Affiliate Marketing is Here to Stay

No matter what method you are using to make revenue online, the good news is that affiliate marketing is here to stay.

As long as business keeps being conducted over the internet, and companies are still paying for sales, leads and data… affiliate marketing is going to be one of the driving factors behind online marketing for many years to come.

As mentioned earlier, affiliate niche sites are still a great way to increase your affiliate income.

The only difference between the concept from many years ago, to that of today, is that you need to create a real site and provide value.

Don’t expect to throw up a simple site and start making money with it.

This type of content creation and marketing takes time.

Speed up the process by implementing each of the steps I’ve laid out for you above.