9 Effective Strategies to Scale Ad Campaigns

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You’ve launched an ad campaign, and after its testing and optimization, everything seems to be going well. Isn’t it time to scale and earn even more? Before adding a significant sum of money to your budget, let’s see what else you can do.

In this post, we’ll show you how to scale your ad campaign without destroying it.

Which Ad Campaign Can Be Scaled?

As much as you want to start scaling the campaign quickly, hold your horses. One or two days is not enough to make such a decision. First, you need to get the first conversions, optimize the campaign, and only after that, evaluate its success.

Advertising is an area where success is measured in numbers. And that’s fine!

Let’s take a look at which parameters you can rely on to make the right decision.

What is more important for an advertising campaign’s scaling: CTR, CR, or ROI?

Prevailing situations that you may face after launching a campaign are:

  • High CTR, but no conversions

This state of affairs suggests that users like the creative, but something prevents them from completing the conversion. You might be wrong with the landing page URL. Even experienced affiliates can make this mistake. The problem may also be in low page load speed or on the landing page itself. The CTA button is hidden, or the information on the landing page is not catching.

Pause your campaign and look for the moment when users lose interest.
If you manage to find and solve the problem, the campaign is worth running, but there is no need to discuss scaling yet.

  • Low CTR and no conversions

There can be many reasons for this: from the banal “traffic will not convert this offer” to failed creatives and targeting settings.

First, try to get some conversions. If it doesn’t work, try another offer. There is nothing to scale here yet.

Find 30 basic ways to increase your CTR here.

  • Profit is approximately equal to the cost of buying traffic but does not exceed them yet

You are approaching a profitable campaign. It is risky to rejoice and scale at this stage. Better to watch the statistics for another 1-2 days. If ROI doesn’t grow, you shouldn’t scale. There is a very high risk of going negative.

But if you go through with it, keep a close eye on the statistics. As soon as spend begins to diverge even more from income, stop the campaign.

  • The campaign shows a positive ROI for several days

ROI is the main parameter for scaling decisions. If you see a positive ROI for several days, it’s time to scale up. But be vigilant: the situation can change at any time. That’s why it’s necessary to oversee the statistics.

What Directions For Scaling Are There?

There are two directions in which you can scale your advertising campaign.

The campaign can be scaled within the same ad network (for example, providing native or push traffic) or traffic source (Facebook). This can be referred to as the “horizontal” direction. As you scale your campaign, you are more likely to increase your bid and budget and add a different audience or new ad network sources.

You can take a different, more risky way and become a researcher. Try to scale the campaign using third-party sources: add a new ad network or other ad formats. This direction can be called “multipronged”.

Direction Insight Pros Cons
Horizontal Work in an original ad network/traffic source.
  • Proven source;
  • easy to implement with minimum efforts;
  • there is no high risk of harming an existing campaign.
  • Limited source: at some point, it will burn out;
  • less profit than you can get from a new source.
Multiprolonged Add a new ad network or another ad format.
  • You can engage a new audience with huge traffic volumes;
  • if the CPL is lower, then the profit will be even higher;
  • you can get a high profit if you are not afraid of difficulties.
  • There is a risk of failure;
  • the research process may take time (a new source will need to be tested);
  • spending on non-effective sources is possible.

Advertising campaign scaling strategies

It seems that if the campaign is generating stable income, then there will be no problems with scaling. But this is not the case. There are always risks, but those who do not take risks do not receive the long-awaited profit.

Below we’ll talk about proven strategies for different scaling directions.

1. Choose a Different Ad Format to Scale

On the one hand, your campaign performs well on the traffic you’ve chosen. It’s a win! Why would you add something new? In order not to miss out on your profit.

Let’s look at the benefits of a new format that not all marketers have evaluated yet. Of course, we speak about push notifications.

Let’s look at three pillars: CPС, engagement, and CTR format.

One of the important benefits of push notifications is their low cost. CPC starts at $0.003. If you start scaling from any other format, you win at a price. Especially when it comes to switching from Facebook or contextual advertising.

There is a huge potential for push notifications in scaling due to the large audience and the format’s uniqueness. To this day, our network’s push notifications have 4 billion impressions daily.

Simultaneously, people subscribe to push notifications on their own, which means that this audience is initially more loyal to your advertising.

The uniqueness of the format is that the push notification is very hard to miss. It is very similar to a notification from a social network or messenger and appears over other windows. Also, if the user is not online, they will still receive his notification, however, when they is online again. 100% delivery is not a myth, but a push notification technology.

Because of this, the CTR of push notifications will be higher than in other native formats.

Of course, working with push traffic has its difficulties – the audience is very different. It is somewhat similar to advertising on TV: many people also see it, and they are all different. Considering that you pay not for impressions but clicks: different audiences are not a problem – advertising will find its users.

Of course, this is not the only format that you can scale to. Try different things and look for your profit.

2. Run Your Campaign in a Different Ad Network

It’s great to use other ad networks with the same traffic for scaling. For example, you can transfer a campaign from another network to RichAds in just a few clicks for your convenience. This can be done for Push, Pops, or Native ad campaign.

In this case, the campaign needs to be tested before scaling. No one is safe from the problem when the offer converts well in one network, but it may not work in the other. It all depends on the audience.

A few days of testing with a similar daily budget and best performing creatives will be enough to understand how the offer will behave in another network.

Before launching, ask your account manager from RichAds which sources are the best for launching in this country. They will share a whitelist. This will help you make the quickest and most effective test. The main thing is to launch with at least 5 creatives.


3. Start With The Best Sources to Cherry-pick Right Away

Let’s say you came to a new network or want to add unused sources in the previous one. Of course, you want to understand which of them convert better, which ones are worse.

The RichAds functionality allows you to divide all traffic sources for push, pop, and native into several groups, according to their performance.

Have you come to the network with a new offer for scaling? Run only on Premium sources from the start. This way, you will test the network on the best traffic. Is it time to scale up? Add the Standard first, and continue with the Remnant.

Decided to scale in the same network?

There are several options. If you started with Premium, everything is great! Connect to the Standard first, then choose the Remnant. The New ones are those which haven’t been tested for a long time yet, but it may be easier to win the competition there.

Did you start not with Premium but with all sources at once?

Estimate the size of your budget. There is a lot of available traffic in the network. Most likely, you were not able to fully test it during tests and optimization.

Therefore, use the following strategy: start only on Premium sources and evaluate the result.

Is everything OK?

Add Standart, after Remnant, and New. The main thing is not to disable working blacklists so as not to waste money on the sources you’ve already tested.

4. Run a Similar Campaign On a New Device

If you launched only mobile or desktop, try launching another campaign on a new device if your offer allows it.

You never know what will convert better: mobile or desktop. And it’s easier to optimize separate campaigns. Besides, the cost of the bid is different for them.

Take advantage of this. Even a penny you save on a large campaign can generate good profit.

5. Increase The Bid

This seems to be the first thing any affiliate marketer thinks about. And this method works!

If you buy traffic in any network where the bidding is running, the CPC increase will work for you. The higher the bid, the more quality traffic you buy.

Tip: use the micro bidding feature to set custom bids for particular campaign parameters.

What do we recommend to focus on in the RichAds network so as not to overpay? Work with the recommended CPC and top bid values for the particular GEO: this data is continuously updated depending on the bids.

6. Boost Impressions

If you haven’t worked with push or pop ads before, you hardly know that intrusion is banned for them and many other ad formats.

Nevertheless, in the scaling phase, a slight increase in impressions limit up to 3-4 per day can work.

It’s especially relevant if an important event is very close (for example, the final of the championship), and the campaign is launched for a short time.

7. Increase Your Budget (Wisely)

The larger the budget, the more potential customers. How much should it be increased? The sum will be different for different verticals, offers, and traffic sources.

Don’t increase it by 10 times, it is quite risky. The large budget increase doesn’t always produce proportional conversion results. It is better to add gradually and monitor the results all the time. Remember to set a daily budget, so you don’t spend everything in one day.

  • if there are few conversions so far: +up to 10% to the budget and carefully monitor the results to stop the campaign in time.
  • if you started to reach a positive ROI: +10-20% to the budget.
  • if your ROI is consistently positive: add 30-50% or more, but do it gradually.

If your ROI is consistently positive

Oversee the statistics. As soon as your CTR or ROI starts to drop, it’s a sign to refresh your creatives. If that doesn’t help, the source has probably been exhausted.

8. Scale With Automated Tools

You have already got enough data at the scaling stage and know what works well for the campaign and what does not. What numbers are optimal for the campaign, what OS or devices convert better.

Now is the time to use this knowledge to set up automated tools and make time to launch new campaigns.

RichAds has several features responsible for the automation of processes for all available types of traffic: push, pops, and native. The Automated rules feature is one of them.

If you don’t have your own campaign scaling strategy, you can use ready-made Automated Rules presets from our experts. The feature allows you to manage creatives, sources, and many targeting parameters.

Learn more about this feature here.

See also: TheOptimizer: Automatic Optimization & Campaign Management Platform

9. Enable remarketing to return interested users

And finally, last but not least, strategy: add remarketing. If users are already interested in your offer, they went to the landing page but didn’t buy anything… Try to return them using remarketing.

Scaling up an ad campaign is as risky as launching it. Any wrong action can ruin everything. But you would not be working in the affiliate marketing sphere if you were not ready for any result.

Scaling your campaign, keep three things in mind: limit your daily budget, try strategies one at a time, and analyze the results after each change.

On RichAds side, we are ready to offer you the power of automated features and the help of cool experts from the support team.