Good news, guys — RollerAds, a push-oriented ad network, celebrates its 4th birthday in October.

Since its inception in 2019, the RollerAds crew has witnessed a heap of challenges, overcome them, and built a strong community of partners and friends.

They do want to celebrate this data but with a twist — instead of taking gifts, they do the opposite and hand them over to you!

Affiliate World Asia: Two Tickets to Paradise

First things first, RollerAds rolls out two tickets to the Affilaite World Asia conference, which will take place this December in Bangkok. It’s not an average conference: 5,500+ professionals from 35+ countries, offering a chance to talk to and cooperate with 120+ advertisers.

Learn more on the RollerAds festive landing page!

Can’t make it to Bangkok? Keep calm and read till the end, should you secure a ticket but are unable to attend, RollerAds will compensate your account balance with the monetary equivalent of the ticket.

Cash for Grabbing

On top of the tickets, RollerAds is willing to offer cash gifts for your account balance:

  • For advertisers: $100, $150, and $250
  • For publishers: $100, $150, and $250

An omnipotent randomizer will determine the lucky winners, so that everybody has equal chances of taking a prize.

How to Apply for Prizes Extravaganza

For advertisers:

  • Register on RollerAds
  • Spend $1,000 on ad campaigns between October 1 and 31

For publishers:

  • Register and activate monetization on RollerAds
  • Earn at least $500 by October 31st

Do that and let the number generator do all the magic. You do believe in wonders, don’t you?

Haven’t registered yet? Join the RollerAds family here!

Weekly Surprises

On top of everything said above, RollerAds gives a chance to win a small prize every week. These mini-contests allow you to win $100 each. Some of them have already taken place, but there are more!

Catch’em all by staying tuned to our social media, including:

Are you ready to be part of the festivities? RollerAds is here to make your journey toward profit not only fruitful but pleasant and unforgettable.

Let’s raise a toast to even more prosperous years ahead!

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