PropellerAds MultiTag For Publishers: Boost Earnings from Your Website Traffic

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When it comes to generating more earnings from your website traffic, the solution is not always simple. There are many factors that affect how much you can earn in a given time span and which ads will be profitable for you on your specific site.

You are left with no choice but to test, analyze and optimize over and over until you finally find the best combination of ads that allow you to earn more without impeding on user experience. This takes a lot of time and effort.

But what if there was an automatic way to pick the most suitable ad format? PropellerAds thought of the same and came up with a solution—the MultiTag.

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PropellerAds MultiTag relieves publishers of all responsibility regarding this part of their website management and leaves them free to concentrate on what they do best—creating content!

But how exactly does MultiTag work, and how can you start using it?

Let’s find out.

What is PropellerAds MultiTag, and How Does It Work?

MultiTag is a versatile piece of code that you place on your website, eliminating the need for you to add different codes for every placement or ad type.

It works by automatically selecting the most profitable ad format for each website.

It does this by analyzing various factors, such as page content, available placements, user demographics (interest and location), and history of user engagement with ads (impressions, clicks, and conversions).

MultiTag takes all of this into account when selecting an ad format and will always choose the one that is most likely to result in higher earnings for the publisher.

MultiTag is a great solution for website publishers who want to increase their profits without having to spend time analyzing data and testing different ad formats. It also helps optimize the user experience on the website by providing the best possible ad type for each page.

What Ad Formats are Included in the MultiTag?

Currently, the Propeller Ads MultiTag includes the following ad formats:

1. Overlay Banner Ads or Interstitial Ads

These are banner ads that are displayed at the top of the page, with the website content greyed out in the back.
They are a great choice for websites with a lot of traffic as they have high click-through rates (CTRs).

2. OnClick Pop Ads

OnClick Pop ads are full-screen pop-ups that open when a user clicks on any part of the publisher page.

3. In-page Push Notification Ads

In-page push ads appear as small messages at the corners of the webpage when on desktop and either at the top or bottom of the page when the user is on mobile.

In simple words, it is actually a banner ad imitating the look and feel of push ads.

4. Classic Push Notification Ads

These are the traditional push ads that appear as notifications on the user’s device. It is device-based and not website-based, which means push notification ads can appear even when the browser is not open and the user is not accessing the website.

How to Get Started with Propeller Ads MultiTag

To start using Propeller Ads MultiTag on your website, you first need to create a publisher account with PropellerAds. Then, add your website URL under the Sites tab, and verify your ownership.

Once your website is added and verified, click on the Add Zone button.

multitag for publishers - add zone

On the next page, you will be presented with a range of ad formats to choose from. MultiTag is at the very top of the list of choices. Click on the Get MultiTag button.

creating propellerads multitag for publishers

Create a name for your tag then click on the Get Tag button.

propellerads multitag for publishers - creating a tag
After that, you’ll be presented with the MultiTag code that you can copy and paste to your website’s source code.

propellerads multitag for publishers - website code

To earn more from your traffic, you should download the sw.js file provided in the same page. This is necessary to allow your website to collect push notification subscribers. You can get paid for every user that subscribes, or you can get a share of the revenue from ads shown to that subscriber.

Once you add the code to your website, you’ll be able to monitor the stats on the Zones page inside the Sites tab.

You can also check the Statistics tab for reports. You’ll be able to determine if the ad format is delivered by the MultiTag through the MULTI property name shown in the table.

propellerads multitag for publishers - stats page

Benefits of Using PropellerAds’ MultiTag

Excluding the fact that MultiTag is an auto-optimization tool, several other benefits come with it.

If you’re still on the fence about using it, here are some of its other benefits that will make you seriously consider doing so.

1. Increased Revenue

As mentioned before, MultiTag will always choose the ad format that will most likely result in higher earnings for the publisher.

This is not just lip service, as PropellerAds has proven this to be true based on several case studies. In fact, they found the average CPM to increase by 50% to 75% more when using the MultiTag!

Check this case study on the performance of MultiTag vs Interstitial and In-Page, and MultiTag vs Classic Tags to see the effectiveness of this feature in live websites.

2. Time-saving

Publishers no longer need to spend time analyzing data and testing different ad combinations; MultiTag does all the hard work for them.

And as you can see above, integrating MultiTag into your website is pretty simple. You just need to install one tag for four ad formats, which means the work you need to put in is already reduced by three times.

3. Optimal User Experience

By providing the best possible ad format for each page, MultiTag ensures a smooth and enjoyable user experience on the website. You won’t have to bombard users with ads, ensuring that they’ll still come back to your website in the future.

User experience is also a crucial factor in SEO. If Google notices that users immediately bounce back to the search results after visiting your website because of the immense number of ads, then they would probably reduce your page’s rank, thereby reducing your traffic.

With MultiTag, you won’t have to place more ads to earn more—it’ll deliver just the right number of ads to create a balance between optimum earnings and a good user experience.

4. Full Ad Coverage

MultiTag is compatible with all traffic types and websites, making it a great choice for everyone. This includes new websites, small websites, forum-type websites, and more.
Whether you receive organic search traffic, organic social media traffic, or traffic from paid sources—you can monetize them all. Traffic from any part of the world is also accepted and monetizable.

Final Thoughts on PropellerAds MultiTag

The old way meant manually choosing ads for each placement on your site, one by one. If you were doing it without proper guidance from experts who understand the complex interplay of traffic, ads, and formats at a deep level, you could end up hurting rather than helping your earnings.

The PropellerAds MultiTag feature simplifies this whole process. You only have to add the code, and PropellerAds’ technology will do the rest. With MultiTag activated, you’ll receive all the ad formats supported by PropellerAds with automatic rotation.

No matter how big your traffic source is – MultiTag is a great solution that will give you the highest profit! With PropellerAds MultiTag, earning from your website has never been simpler.

Try it now and tell us how it goes!