How to Master North America Native Traffic

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North America is a premium GEO for working with a wide variety of affiliate offer verticals. To build a correct and effective advertising campaign MGID has a team of affiliate and account managers that have a pool of useful insights and that we now want to share with you!

Traffic Distribution by Vertical

We can distinguish 2 main verticals that take the bulk of clicks: Healthy Living (37%) and Medical Health (30.5%). This tendency can be explained by the current pandemic situation, which motivates people to monitor their health more seriously and responsibly.

Also, do not forget that a healthy lifestyle still continues to gain popularity. Everyone strives to get a beautiful and slender body without physical exercises and annoying diets.

Top-performing Verticals

MGID is the innovator in the world of native advertising with segmented traffic sources with audiences with different interests, which allows us to work with a wide variety of verticals.

Depending on global trends, we highlight the most performing categories:

  • Weight Loss
  • Skin Care
  • Joints
  • Muscle
  • Finance

Let’s take a look at one of the top verticals Oral Care:

Creatives Examples

1. All people dream of a beautiful and snow-white smile, so the usage of the “Teeth implant pattern” on creatives is a really good way to win the attention of the target audience.

2. The same thing works for the “Before/After whitening” creatives. Using “pressure points” of the target audience, you can win trier attention by breaking away from the usual news scrolling.

GEO: Recommended GEOs for such offers are US, CA, and COL.

Prelanders: We advise you to use white-hat prelanders like a medical article.

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Optimization Insights

Any offer requires focused attention on optimizing an ad campaign. We recommend doing a test campaign and collecting data for further optimization.

We would also advise using Premium Bundles and High-Performance Bundles where CPC is 20-30% more expensive but is guaranteed to increase conversion rate. MGID is always working on adding new features and optimization capabilities. Inside your dashboard, you can find a really useful tool – traffic insights.

The Traffic insights tool is the almanac of MGID traffic. With it, you can preliminary estimate what MGID can do for you and how much it will cost.

Also, for your convenience, we have developed the Price Recommendation Feature. It calculates the actual CPC by analyzing your ad campaign. You will get enough traffic and not overpay for clicks.

Campaign Optimization Checklist

We have prepared a small checklist about the ad campaign optimization in MGID:

  1. Refresh your content at least every 3-4 days, depending on the scale;
  2. Keep a close eye on individual placement performance and make sure to utilize MGID’s selective bidding to adjust prices per placement based on eCPA;
  3. Use MGID’s redesigned price recommendation algorithm that would suggest pricing based on the level of coverage/volume of traffic you are looking to achieve;
  4. Start off the campaign optimization by adjusting the placement bids based on your landing page CTR and then move on with eCPI/eCPA optimization after at least 2-3 days;
  5. It’s highly recommended to pause any underperforming content (ads) only after at least 5-7 days of serving;
  6. Use MGID’s Traffic Insights tool to access GEO/device breakdowns that are Hot/Best Performing with the low competition;
  7. Make sure to create individual campaigns for each device, e.g running desktop/mobile/tablet separately;

Creative Tips

Joint Products

  1. Use “Home and Self-treatment” approach – From A Granny To A Lady: 1 Tip To Make Joints Flexible At Home
  2. Organic, natural, and traditional products are trending

Brain Pills

  1. Promote carefully – focus only on real
    benefits (pain, insomnia treatment)
  2. Target customer, who might suffer from these symptoms such as the elderly
  3. Could be combined with products against Joins/Bones pain

Case Study


  1. Run separate campaigns on different devices – desktop, Android, iOS using the latest versions.
  2. Build the white lists out of the platforms that are performing best for the campaigns.


CPA Goal:

  • Expected CPA – around $40
  • Reachable CPA – $32

Target: Men (using the creatives targeted on men).

Lifetime: Around 6 months.

Bottom Line

The choice of verticals suitable for this GEO is much wider, but we mentioned the best ones in order to flesh out the general opinion about North America`s affiliate market to obtain the highest possible results Traffic Insights, Price Recommendation Feature, High-performing, and Premium bundles at your disposal.

But still, you have to remember that you always can ask your account manager or support manager if you are unsure about working with the dashboard tools, targeting, or making creatives for your campaign.