How To Get $500 from ClickAdilla in July

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It doesn’t matter if you are a new user or already have a ClickAdilla account. Either way, there is a fantastic opportunity for you to win a generous gift.

ClickAdilla gives new users an easy start in advertising on their platform. And for those who already have an account, there’s also a reward!

ClickAdilla is a self-service advertising network that provides billions of traffic daily and more than 13 ad formats. The network works with 240 GEOs in almost all verticals such as dating, Nutra, shop, games, and sweepstakes.

Here are the conditions to get the bonus:

  1. Deposit $50 in July to your ClickAdilla account. This is a minimum deposit on ClickAdilla.
  2. Subscribe to the ClickAdilla Telegram channel. The winner will be announced there, so do not miss your name! There are also a lot of useful tips, case studies, and important announcements about affiliate marketing and the platform itself.
  3. Write to Support live chat on ClickAdilla website “WANT 500 + your Telegram nickname”. Thus, we can check if you have met all the conditions.

The winner will be chosen randomly on the 1st of August on ClickAdilla Telegram Channel.

Please, be aware that you can win the prize only if you complete all three steps.

Learn more about the contest and watch the video instruction on how to participate and win $500 on ClickAdilla’s blog.

Keep an eye on ClickAdilla’s blog & social media, there are always the latest news, fresh case studies, and new contests with nice bounties!

Good luck!

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