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EZmob Review: Everything You Need To Know


Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing another traffic source review with you.

It’s called EZmob, and its title speaks for itself!

You see “mob” and you instantly understand that we’re going to deal with mobile traffic here.

Even though there is a desktop traffic available, the major specialization of this ad network is mobile traffic, within its different formats.

Let’s try to figure out what are the advantages this ad network has to offer.

EZmob (Easymob) – is a global mobile DSP with more than 7 billion impressions per day.

Impressive right?

They provide few different mobile ad blocks through the single portal for RTB, but they also sell their own direct traffic.

Purchasing traffic there can give you access to different sources, platforms, and formats through a single interface.

There you can buy the following formats:

  • Display
  • Native
  • Pop
  • Push

Experienced media buyers know that, when working with mobile ad banners, you may receive quite a few untargeted clicks due to accidental clicking made by Users by mistake.

Guys from EZmob assure us that they’ve created several ad blocks to attract mobile users but prevent them from such accidental clicks. As a result, you get an audience more engaged with your offers.

Now, let’s create the campaign, launch the traffic and find out what types of optimization we can find in this ad network!

How to Create a Campaign on EZmob

All right!

Let’s proceed with creating the campaign.

But first, we should add a new source inside the Tracker and set up appropriate macros.

Later it will help us optimize the traffic correctly.

There are the following macros:

Token Parameter Description
Publisher {pubid} Internal Publisher ID
Click ID {clickid} Conversion Tracking Token
Country {country} Country
Carrier {carrier} Carrier
IP {ip} User’s IP Address
Domain {domain} Domain of Publisher’s Site or App
Bundle ID {bundle} Bundle or Package Name
User Agent {ua} User Agent
IDFA {idfa} iOS Device ID
GAID {gaid} Google Advertising ID
Exchange {exchange} Exchange Name

Once everything has been set up in your ad tracker, and you’ve registered in the EZmob, let’s just click on the Add Campaign button.

EZmob provides a few ad formats, so let’s start with selecting the one we want to advertise our offers on.

Step #1 Campaign Type

creating a campaign on ezmob

On the screenshot you may see that all actions can be easily done in 4 simple steps.

We’re now on the first one – selecting Campaign Type.

Considering the fact that push ads are quite trendy now, I’m going to try it.

Step #2 Campaign Details

ezmob campaign details

Here you should fill in the details about the campaign.

Even though everything is pretty simple here, let me give you just a few remarks that I hope you’ll find useful:

Campaign Name: Name of the campaign.

Vertical: Mainstream/Adult.

Campaign Budget: Total campaign budget.

Bid/Model: Bid per click – to find info about recommended bids – contact the account manager, who can give us advice on what prices to choose.

Frequency Cap: Impressions rate, i.e. how often a specific ad will be shown to the user in 24 hours.

Tip: In the beginning, I advise you to not put more than 1/24. Later on, if you need more traffic, you can try to reduce it to 1/12.

Alternatively, if you see that after a specific working period the conversion starts to decline, you can try to increase the frequency up to 1/48 or 1/72 (without changing creatives and optimization on platforms). Using this approach, you’ll get more unique users.

Tracking URL: Link to the offer or specific campaign in the tracker.

Here you’ll use the macros I’ve mentioned on the table above.

Type: In this case, we have Push.

Flight dates: Start date.

Daily cap: Here you can set up a daily budget limit

Advise: I usually start by setting the limit of 200-500 clicks — depending on the offer — but you can increase or remove the limit while the campaign is live. It can help you not to waste the budget on sources which don’t convert. I highly recommend you to do this for your campaigns.

Pacing: How fast the budget will be spent (proportionally or fast).

Category: The category of your offer.

Preview URL: Here you can put the same link as for Tracking URL but without macros.

That’s it for this step. Now, let’s proceed to the next one by pressing the Next button.

Step #3 Targeting

ezmob campaign targeting

The name of this step is self-explanatory. What you can target there is:

Country: Country

OS: Operational system

Click on the Include button near each item, in order to include or remove the required targeting item.

Browser: Browser

Platform: Platform

Even though I’ve mentioned that the network is specialized in mobile traffic, you can also indicate the targeting on desktop or tablet and purchase more than mobile traffic by using this approach.

Connection: Connection type (3G/Wi-Fi/Both) if you choose 3G – you’ll have the opportunity to indicate the preferred mobile carrier.

SubID: Here you indicate the platforms you’re going to remove.

We’ll return to this point in the Campaign Optimization section.

IP list: The list of IP addresses for targeting and exclusion.

I hope everything is clear with campaign targeting. It’s time to move on to the last step, where you’re going to add your ads.


Step #4 Creatives

adding ads on ezmob

In this last and final step, we’ll complete the creation of the campaign by adding creatives/ads.

Everything is pretty simple again, but I’ll give you a few more remarks to help you nail your ads.

Creative Name: Ad name – generated automatically and cannot be edited.

Title: Ad title (max. 25 characters)

Description: Ad description (max. 40 characters)

Icon Image: Small image (icon) – size (350×350px)

Main Image: Big ad image – size (360px×240px)

At this point, I faced a little issue which I haven’t experienced with other traffic sources. The thing is that you’ve got to prepare an ad image and ad icon beforehand.

Basically, you have to crop all images in accordance to formatting of your ad.

First there are the square icons – they should have 350х350 size.

The same should be done with a bigger image, however, the size should be 360х240.

Please note that the file size should not exceed 150 Kb.

I really hope that EZmob guys will fix this ASAP and we will be able to upload any images and cut/crop them directly at the platform.

Once the ad is ready, press the Add Creative button and proceed with creating the next one. I recommend you create 5-7 ads using different approaches to find the most effective creative.

Complete creating the ad by clicking the Save and Finish button.

After that, the campaign will be sent for moderation.

All you need to do is just to wait for the traffic and conversions. After that, we proceed to the campaign optimization.

Campaign Optimization

Now let’s move to the options of optimization which are available in EZmob.

But before we start, I’ll give you several principles of campaign analysis and a few general recommendations about campaign optimization.

Usually, I analyze my own campaigns and perform optimization in the following sequence:

  1. Offers
  2. Landing
  3. Ads
  4. Platforms/OS/Browsers/ISP
  5. Sources

Pay attention to the fact that optimization on sources is performed at the end.

When you initially start with sources there is always a risk that high-quality traffic will be excluded (while the reason of pure results is actually the wrong offer or a bad landing page that was not converted in a proper way).

However, there are a lot of other cases.

For example, if in the beginning you clearly see that one of your sources underperforms and doesn’t bring you any sales, you shouldn’t wait for a miracle and disable this source asap.

Most likely, the audience of this specific source doesn’t match the content of your offer, and its users will never find your offer interesting.

Now let’s talk about source optimization. In EZmob they’re called Internal Publisher ID.

You can find this settings in Step #3.

Just put the sources that you want to disable in the SubID list.

Let’s open the campaign to edit by clicking on it, and then let’s click on the Next button until we reach Step #3.

In the SubID field, we should insert the platforms you’re going to pause.

Then, click Next and press Save and Finish for Step #4.

If you need to pause an ad, you should actually do the same thing.

However, when you reach Step #4, you can pause the ad by clicking on the Live button. Then, click on Save and Finish, to make sure you always save changes as you move on.

Now, let’s summarize all of the above!

Yes, that’s true, in EZmob you can purchase different types of mobile traffic: from best selling Push to best selling Banner, Native, and Pop.

You receive traffic from different sources under one interface.

And the most important point, you’ll receive $10 cashback if you register and spend at least $100 a month.

Offers & Verticals

Ad Types: Banner, Pop, Native, Push

Cost Model: CPC and CPM

Offers Verticals: PIN Submit, Sweepstakes, Dating, Apps

Payment & Investment

Minimum Deposit: $100

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Paxum and Wire


Personal Account Manager: Yes

Support Response Speed: 1 hour during business hours and 2 hours max during weekends

Support Rating: Good

Contact Methods Available: Online Chat, E-mail, Skype, Telegram

EZmob Verdict


  • Ability to purchase different mobile formats: Pop, Push, Native, Banner
  • Access to a number of platforms with a single interface
  • User-friendly interface on English and Russian languages


  • Images for ads with customized sizes should be prepared in the external editor beforehand
  • Need to contact account manager to check prices for specific GEO

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