[Case Study] Display Ads in Malaysia GEO for an Affiliate Nutra Offer

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Nutra generates a consistent stream of conversions of all the verticals on offer. The money that advertisers make from these continues for a long time into the future.

But there are a few hurdles to jump over, one of which is pinpointing dependable traffic sources and networks.

There are examples of success in this regard, and this case study will show a great one.

The advertiser in question made $8k in profit.

That’s a pretty successful result, isn’t it? So put the kettle on, and let’s see how he did it.

Offer: Men’s health supplement

Traffic Source: TrafficStars (Read review)

Ad Formats: Display/Banner and Native Ads

Revenue: $21,450

Spent: $13,445

Profit: $8,005

ROI: 59.5%

1. The Offer

The first step was choosing the offer. The advertiser chose to advertise a male product – a well-known brand of Men’s health supplements.

The way that the affiliate got paid was through sales based on a cash-on-delivery program. In essence, when buyers enter their details, they get a phone call at a later point verifying their order. Once this step is completed, users pay for it.

Initially, the affiliate saw a payout of $9.1 for a sale, but over time this got higher due to the total number of conversions.

2. The Ad Creatives

For the creatives part, the affiliate in question made several images of an expanded male organ (implied benefits of the offer), using spy tools to acquire these images. This isn’t to imply that this explicit imagery was mandatory. In fact, it turned out that many of the top-performing landing pages didn’t reveal this kind of content. The banners were a different story, but all of them led to success.

3. Testing

Using two different ad formats – banners and native ads, the affiliate marketer in question made it so that the ads revealed themselves to users during the hours of call centers, partly without using non-proxy traffic, which ensured that the ads were not showcased to people in third countries. The results included a total of 2,547 sales overall.

offer testing

4. Optimizing It

The trick is always in how the ad campaign is optimized. In this case, the affiliate studied the data and analytics, which showed that the most conversions came from Chrome browsers, specific carriers, and Android smartphones.

The targeting was as follows:

campaign targeting

5. The Result

The output was noteworthy. Over the course of a 6 month output period, the conversion rate dropped off and the campaign was put on pause.

However, throughout the period, the campaign ran itself, with the marketer only needing to change the creatives and pre-landers every now and again. Plus, the offer is available to any affiliate marketer who wishes to take the reins, and this is across multiple different GEOs.

All in all, the marketer made $21,450 in sales, with costs reaching $8,005. Overall, a distinct and successful ROI.

campaign results

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