[Case Study] Easy 106% ROI on BidVertiser Pops in 2 Days

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If you’re having trouble turning campaigns profitable quickly, take a look at how this advertiser flipped a losing campaign to 100% ROI in just a couple of days!

What tricks did the advertiser use to arrive quickly at such results? Let’s find out.

Traffic Source: BidVertiser

Ad Type: Pops

Period: September 16-18, 2021

Vertical: Sweepstakes

Country: Ireland

Offers: Private (Check Mobidea offers)

Payout: $0.30 to $2.00

Revenue: $141.19

Costs: $68.41

Profit: $72.78

ROI: 106.39%

Initial Testing Phase

Popunder remains one of the most prominent traffic types today with its sheer volume and low prices. This makes it easier to evaluate whether an offer will succeed or not with a specific ad network such as BidVertiser through a quick initial test.

To find a good offer quickly, the advertiser decided to split the test between 10 offers, with payouts ranging from $0.30 to $2.00 per conversion.

Budget: $50 per day

Bid: $0.0011 per view

Targeting: Run of Network

Device Type: Mobile

Creatives: 5 landing pages

The advertiser bid as recommended by BidVertiser for Ireland mobile pops.

real time bid analyzer on bidvertiser

Although the targeting was set pretty wide, only the top 30% of websites based on Quality Score were chosen.

The budget set was $50 so that the advertiser could immediately see which offer has potential.

The campaign was checked twice throughout the 24-hour period to quickly adjust traffic (poor-performing offers were paused and landing pages after the first 12 hours).

After this quick 24-hour test, the top offers and landing pages were chosen.

campaign results


Revenue: $48.76

Cost: $43.81

Profit: $4.95

ROI: 11.30%

Although the ROI was small as a whole, individual offers showed promise, which is exactly what the advertiser was aiming for.

Two Focused Campaigns

After the initial test, the advertiser was able to narrow down to three offers that had positive ROI. Two of them performed well on Wi-Fi, while the other one performed better on carrier traffic.

Here’s one offer that worked better on Wi-Fi traffic:

Even if the campaign was not yet properly optimized, these offers performed well. The advertiser expects these to work nicely with focused traffic and optimized landing pages.

Two new campaigns were created: one for Wi-Fi traffic and another one for mobile carrier traffic. Since two offers worked well on Wi-Fi, they were split-tested again.

Two of the best-performing landing pages were used for both campaigns.

Here’s an approximation of what the prelanders looked like:


Furthermore, for each campaign, poor-performing traffic sources from the initial test were blacklisted immediately. The blacklisted subIDs were those that spent the highest possible payout ($2.00) but did not convert.

Additionally, one browser was removed from targeting for both campaigns because it did not deliver any conversion even after more than 7,500 views.

As for the bid, the advertiser set it to 1.5 times the recommended to increase the win rate.

Once the individual campaigns were approved, the first campaign was paused to avoid a bidding war between each other.


After the first day, the two campaigns were evaluated, and the results were as follows:

Wi-Fi Campaign

Both offers had a positive ROI, but one showed promise early on, so more traffic was routed to it than to the other.

Revenue: $55.05

Cost: $17.73

Profit: $37.32

ROI: 210.44%

Mobile Carrier Campaign

The mobile carrier offer performed better in terms of ROI, though the traffic was pretty slow. Nevertheless, the first day was a great success.

Revenue: $37.38

Cost: $6.87

Profit: $30.51

ROI: 444.26%

Two-Day Test Conclusion

These are the overall results of the two-day test:

Total Revenue: $141.19

Total Cost: $68.41

Total Profit: $72.78

Overall ROI: 106.39%

Based on this two-day test on BidVertiser’s pop traffic, the advertiser was able to find a couple of offers that showed a lot of promise.

The advertiser promoted these offers for three weeks, only changing the landing pages from time to time to maintain the conversion rate and ROI.

In addition, the advertiser created separate campaigns for the top-performing mobile carriers in the Mobile Carrier campaign.

Tips on Scaling on BidVertiser

To scale campaigns like this, you can do the following:

  • Check your win rate in BidVertiser. The advertiser, in this case, found out that the campaigns’ win rate is pretty low. To increase the win rate and get more traffic, you also have to increase your bid.

  • Using BidVertiser’s Reporting Tab, you can also check the win rate of each source and adjust the bids of individual subIDs according to their performance.

This way, if you don’t want to whitelist sources yet because you want other websites and publishers to keep sending traffic, you can simply increase the bid for your preferred targets.

This will also allow you to reduce bids on sources that converted but were not profitable in the current bid.

  • The websites chosen for the campaigns above belong to the top 30% of all websites. If you want to get more traffic, you can include traffic from lower-quality sites. However, take caution when doing this. Lower quality sites mean cheaper prices, but there is a risk of lower conversion rates, too.
  • Try running the offer under Direct Ads. This is also a PPV traffic type but with the added advantage of showing ads to customers interested in topics similar to your offer.

That can be done with the help of contextual targeting. Under Contextual Targeting, you can choose between Category, Keywords, or even Brands.

If you’re struggling with creating successful campaigns, take a look at how this advertiser turned their campaign around in just two days using the right strategy.

Try it yourself—it only takes 2 minutes to set up an account on BidVertiser today!

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