Case Study: 33% Avg. ROI in 5 Days with SmartCPC

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Push notifications can convert, if you know how to use them. RollerAds has been in the market for 5+ years, but these guys have learned to squeeze out the most out of push notifications. RollerAds enjoys 4.5 billion impressions daily and 32,000+ advertisers making a profit with this ad network.

Our friends from RollerAds proudly present their case study, involving the combination of SmartCPC and Only Premium Traffic. A RollerAds’ affiliate managed to score 33% ROI in 5 days.

The funnel setup was as follows:

  • Vertical: Antivirus/ Ad Blocker
  • GEO: the USA
  • Regions, operators, IPs, miscellaneous: default
  • Ad format: Push-notifications
  • Bid model: SmartCPC
  • Limitations: no false threats about system vulnerabilities

In addition to achieving a 33% ROI, the comprehensive statistics for these five days of the offer were as follows:

ROI and other metrics rollerads smartcpc case study

ROI and other performance metrics (5 days)

Noticeably, each successive day saw a continued rise in ROI, linked to the addition of new premium zones and intermittent optimizations.

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SmartCPC + Only Premium Traffic

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page here and explain a couple of concepts.

SmartCPC is a CPC pricing model, enhanced by AI to optimize one’s bidding. The affiliate inputs the maximum bid size as the threshold, but the algorithm operates on an average value, which is much lower.

Only Premium Traffic is a premium collection of traffic sources, created and updated automatically.

Case-Study Background

Remember the affiliate mentioned in the intro? Prior to the case itself, he had worked with Gambling, Finances, and Software for desktops. When consulting his dedicated manager, he was suggested to try out SmartCPC & Only Premium tandem. The offer of choice was as follows:

  • Offer: Antivirus
  • Payout: at the campaign launch was $82

Funnel Details

Multiple languages and a lot of countries to target favored scaling in the long run. There was one condition, though — not to use scary creatives about system malfunctions. Having looked through RollerAds’ Creatives library, the affiliate picked the following media:

creatives rollerads smartcpc case study

Two creatives utilized for the campaign

For starters, it was chosen to target the USA — one of the most expensive markets in the world. This drawback was balanced out with a highly engaged audience and SmartCPC logic, which adjusts the bid size to minimize the losses of the marketer. Specifically, the maximum bid size was set to $1.

Other settings like regions, operators, and IP addresses were left to default.

bidding strategy rollerads smartcpc case study

Specifying the bidding strategy

There were three targeting filters enforced: daily budget of $500, subscription age of 0–3 days, and “Premium” traffic.

The budget limit is a campaign safety measure, recent subscribers tend to be less ad-blind, and “Premium” traffic just works here and now.

rollerads premium traffic for smartcpc case study

Optimizing the setup with the premium traffic option

The remaining settings were left to their default configurations:

  • Mobile & Tablet traffic
  • Android 8+ versions
  • All browsers (with subsequent whitelisting)
  • English language (God bless the America)

detault settings

Settings left to default

Campaign Feedback

Profit generation started on the very first day. Some zones and browsers were blacklisted in the following days. On the 5th day of running the campaign, the average ROI was 33%. The campaign was scaled up for other GEOs afterward.

A prelander was used, which is a standard for this kind of campaign. Check it out:

prelander for rollerads smartcpc case study

The prelander used for the campaign


In 5 days, the affiliate scored 33% ROI on average, using just a couple of features from RollerAds. Despite targeting one of the most expensive GEOs, the campaign kept on bringing positive ROI except for one day. A bit of blacklisting fixed the situation, though.

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If you want to learn more about their platform, check out our RollerAds review.

Register on their platform and provide the coupon code MobideaRoll to your Account Manager.

Deposit a minimum of $50 to get a $50 bonus on your balance.