General presentation

Mobidea is a Programmatic Network for Affiliate Marketers. We specialize in mobile subscriptions, pin submits, sweepstakes, and app install offers. We convert your mobile traffic like no other, giving you the possibility to either send it to highly profitable offers or to auto-optimize it by using our Smartlink®.

If you want to work with a group of people that are 100% connected to affiliates then you’re in the right place. We’re a team of international experts, always ready to come up with new ideas to increase revenues for everyone involved. That must be why we’re proud to have more than 100.000+ publishers.

Our team knows what it’s like to be present in 200+ markets and run over 2000 campaigns. They have more than 10 years of experience in an increasingly competitive business and are always focused on mobile content and apps. The fact that our platform is currently registering more than 1 billion clicks per month worldwide is a testament to their constant hard work.

You can promote our offers by using the Smartlink®, a self-optimized algorithm that connects your traffic to the best offer, or by choosing Single Offers to promote. You’re free to decide which one is the best solution for you! If you want to know more about the difference between Smartlinks and Single Offers, click here

Our offers are available all over the world, so you can choose in which countries you want to invest and the business model you feel more comfortable with. We work with two different types of offers: CPA (Cost per Acquisition) and CPI (Cost per Install). The difference is very simple: on CPA offers, you get paid for every sign-up; on CPI offers, you get paid for every install.

If you don’t want to decide which offer works best for your traffic, you can use our Smartlink®, which auto-optimizes the offer to show to each user, based on his segment (Country, Operating System, and Operator). The Smartlink® is our main competitive advantage since it will automatically connect your traffic to the most profitable offer without the need for you to intervene. This guarantees you’ll always have the highest revenue possible right from the start, because you don’t have to select which offer is more suitable for your users. Our Smartlink® can be used for Adult, Mainstream, and Mainstream CPI. If you feel like promoting offers from these verticals without any effort, just let the Smartlink® decide for you.

On the other hand, if you want to select a specific offer to promote, you can pick it on the Single Offers section. You can choose and promote all sorts of offers as long as you guarantee you’ll respect the specific traffic restrictions, which can be easily found on each offer’s details page.

If you need help getting started, our support team is always ready to help you. Feel free to add us on Skype: support.mobidea. You can also e-mail us in 6 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French.

We’re always available to help you.

Main advantages


Mobidea monetizes your Carrier and Wi-Fi traffic like no other. You’ll get paid according to your traffic performance, and you don’t need to deposit money on Mobidea to work with us.

If you use our Smartlink®, you don’t have to worry about the offers to promote. Our powerful algorithm analyzes the user’s segment per country, operating system, and operator. Then, it automatically picks up the most profitable billing solution available in our inventory and redirects mobile users to it, allowing you to maximize your revenue. This option is available for the following vertical types: Adult, Mainstream, and Mainstream CPI.

If you want to choose the offers you want to promote, you have to check our Single Offers section. In order to see the offers that are more suitable for you, you just need to select the vertical you want and pick the application you believe has the most potential. We allow you to monetize mobile web products (on a CPA Business model), Android, and iOS apps (on a CPI Business Model). Here, you have the freedom to earn money as you like!

Our platform’s main assets:

  • We’re proud of the algorithm we created. It gives us flexibility and the possibility to react promptly to a set of changes. We upgrade it on a monthly basis to make sure we’re always providing the best service to our affiliates.
  • If you want to monetize Adult or Mainstream offers, you don’t need to choose the offers in order to invest. Our algorithm will do this work for you and drive your traffic to the most profitable offer available in our portfolio, according to their segment.
  • You’re free to choose the offer you’d like to promote. You’re free to go for the option that better fits your strategy.
  • We only work with the best offers in our model; offers which increase our payouts and decrease the associated costs.
  • If you make more than 10.000€ in the last 30 days, you’ll get VIP Status which will give you access to a dedicated expert, priority cashout, and tickets to industry events. In addition, you won’t have to pay withdrawing fees from your payment requests. If you want to know more about our VIP status, click here
  • Our experienced team of Mobile Analysts can give you insights about your work to help you make more $$$.
  • We have outstanding statistical tools that track your performance based on all KPIs. Our statistics are updated on an hourly basis.
  • You can get paid instantly upon your request via Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, Firstchoice Pay, and ePayments.
  • You can earn additional revenue – up to 5% – if you refer Mobidea to a friend. Click here to get access to your referral code!

What we are paying for

We work with two different types of offers: CPA (Cost per Acquisition) and CPI (Cost per Install). If the users land on a CPA offer, we pay you for every conversion. This can be a download, a subscription, an install or a lead, depending on the type of offer the users land on. If users land on a CPI offer, which is usually an Android or an iOS App (Games, Travel, Business, Finance and many other apps), we pay for every install.

How much will you get

You’ll be able to optimize your ROI by using some of the tools we’ve got such as:

There’s a section dedicated to the best opportunities you can find on Mobidea. This section is updated every day, covers all vertical types, and has all the KPIs you need to pick the best opportunities for your traffic. To see our Opportunities, open your Dashboard and scroll down. You’ll see two menus: Smartlink Opportunities and Single Offers Opportunities. You can check the Smartlink Opportunities here and the Single Offers Opportunities here.

Best segments
Your revenue depends a lot on your traffic segments. Our support team and account managers will be glad to evaluate your segments, give you suggestions on what to send to Mobidea, and estimate your potential revenue. Feel free to add us on Skype and ask for the best solution for you: support.mobidea

Mobidea Academy
Our team of experts will teach you how to earn more money and increase your online marketing skills. To access the Academy and start learning more about Media Buying, click here.