Why were my documents rejected?

In case your documents are rejected, you’ll get a notification email explaining the reason for the rejection.

You can also find the reason displayed on the “Cashier” page.

A common reason for being rejected?

The information on your documents doesn't match the information you've added on your "Basic Info" page.

Before uploading documents, make sure the info matches!

Bear in mind that we don’t allow users to sign up for Mobidea if they’re still minors (younger than 18 years old.)

If you’re still experiencing issues with this step, please get in touch with our Affiliate Service by sending an email

What documents do I need?

After you generate your first 50€ from your traffic, your cashier can be unblocked. This means you'll be able to upload your documents.

Check the documents you'll need:

Private affiliate: upload a document proving your identity (it can be your identity card or a passport) as well as another official document to serve as proof of residence and which includes your name (e.g electricity bill).

Company affiliate: upload a document which proves your identity (it can be your identity device or a passport) and a certificate of incorporation, showing a visible, clear VAT/Tax number, depending on the country where your company is based.

Not sure about which docs you should be uploading?

Get in touch with Mobidea’s Affiliate Service by sending an email

What are the best segments you can bet on?

It all depends on your strategy, budget and traffic source.

If you’re starting out in media buying and have a limited budget, you should start with large volume/low payout segments.

These tend to be less competitive, giving you the opportunity to quickly gather a lot of reliable data.

This means you can optimize your campaigns sooner, find those sweet gold mines, and get your campaigns in the green!

You can get an idea about the current top segments on your account’s opportunities section.

Bear in mind that the actual EPC always depends on your quality of traffic and ways of promoting.

You'll be able to dig into granular segments by playing with the Grouping Filters we provide.

In order to get the best tips on hot segments for your traffic, get in touch with your Mobidea Account Manager or our Affiliate Service:

What is a Single Offer?

A Single Offer is a link which redirects the user to the lander of a specific product.

On Mobidea, we've got Single Offers from several verticals - Games, Antivirus, Sweeps, Nutra, Dating, Adult, etc.

Single Offers are useful when a traffic source doesn’t allow a rotator and requires a direct link.

Moreover, you can make your own split test of Single Offers and check which one works best for your traffic.

In order to promote the Single Offer, you need to apply for it, referring your traffic source.

Then, the Mobidea Crew will review your application and give you feedback within 1-2 days.

In case the offer is approved and later disabled, we'll send you a notification email so you can choose another offer to replace it.

Are you afraid of not getting an important email notification and therefore fail to switch off traffic in time?

No worries!

Just activate the Safety Fallback which will redirect your traffic to another offer from the Smartlink. This means you won’t lose your traffic!

Make sure you don't deactivate your email notifications!

These preferences can be managed on your account page. Check them by mousing over your profile photo.

How long does it take for you to review an offer?

We do our best for you to access our offers as quickly as possible! Therefore, it usually only takes 1-2 business days for an offer application to be reviewed.