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RichPush Review: Why They Are Powerful


Push ads are the talk of the day! So, I’d like to share with you my RichPush review, which is a network exclusively specialized in push traffic.

Before launching their own network, these guys have been successfully developing PlatformIO for four years. Then, in 2018, they launched RichPush, based on their previous success.

The founders behind RichPush know all the ins and outs since they are not new to the business.

In a nutshell, here are the main benefits of RichPush:

  • Big database of push-subscribers – over 450M.
  • 100% of real-network users – the technical department is constantly monitoring the traffic and disables the sources with low quality.
  • Personal account manager – management support, which is always in touch and ready to help you in creating and optimizing a campaign.
  • Unique features of this platform – the ones I am going to talk about in this overview.

Now, before diving further into the review, let me show you a very interesting tool: RichPush Insights.

With the help of RichPush Insights, you can find the right traffic to purchase before you even register on the platform.

RichPush Insights allow you to see an average price for any selected country as well as the price on any specific device.

You can also understand which offer categories are advertised most often, who are your competitors, how much they pay per click, etc.

So, what benefits can you get?

Let’s look, for instance, at the challenges media buyers occasionally face.

Suppose you’re going to optimize a specific offer. Having spent a lot of time and money, you’ve finally climbed into a positive ROI!

Everything is going smoothly but, suddenly, you start receiving less and lower-quality traffic and have no idea what the issue might be.

Using this tool, you can analyze what has happened during a definite timespan.

Most likely, you’ve faced a big competitor, who set a higher rate and started to re-purchase all the traffic you were purchasing before.

As you can see, this is quite a useful feature. Honestly, I have never seen such a tool in other ad networks.

By the way, guys from RichPush promise you unique extended targeting, the one competitors don’t have yet and some other useful features inside the system as well.

RichPush has also launched In-page Push notifications, a new push ads format that gets around Chrome and iOS restrictions.

Let’s have a deeper look at them!

In-Page Push Notifications

Visually, in-page push notifications look the same as classic push notifications. Technically, they are a combination of pop-ups and push notifications, which lets you get over restrictions and brings more quality traffic:

  • They let you avoid restrictions enrolled by Chrome 80 when getting new subscribers.
  • Works for iOS devices, which was unavailable for this type before.
  • Higher CTR and conversion rates: you cover the audience not familiar with this format yet. According to RichPush statistics, CTR is 3 times higher on In-page push notifications than on classic push notifications. The conversion rate is 4 times higher.
  • The time between when the ads are displayed will be about the same as the time of a click – no delays.

Here’s what you need to do to create in-page push notification ads:

  1. Register at RichPush
  2. Go to your Campaign settings
  3. Make sure you’ve chosen appropriate In-page Subscriber Lists, e.g. 3031, 3527, 3293, 4142.

How to Create a Campaign on RichPush Step-by-Step

By logging into RichPush, you’re offered either to deposit funds or to create a campaign.

You can select one of the following options to deposit into your account, with a minimum deposit amount of $50:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • WebMoney
  • Wire Transfer
  • ePayments
  • Paxum

Once I started working, I’ve been especially interested in macros/tokens that can help traffic analysis.

Let’s see what we have here:

  • [SUB_LIST_ID] – returns a unique Subscriber list ID
  • [PUBLISHER_ID] – returns a unique ID of the publisher that can contain several websites
  • [SITE_ID] – returns a unique website ID
  • [CLICK_ID] – returns a unique click ID (for conversion tracking)
  • [BID_PRICE] – returns winning price of the click
  • [CAMPAIGN_ID] – returns a unique campaign ID in our system
  • [CAMPAIGN_NAME] – returns a campaign name
  • [CREATIVE_ID] – returns a unique creative ID
  • [COUNTRY] – returns a country name
  • [COUNTRY_CODE] – returns a 3-letter country code
  • [REGION] – returns a region name
  • [CITY] – returns a city name
  • [OS] – returns an OS name and version
  • [OS_ONLY] – returns an OS name
  • [OS_VER] – returns an OS version
  • [USERAGENT] – returns a browser user agent string
  • [IP] – returns a user’s IP
  • [USER_ID] – returns a unique ID of the visitor

Please pay special attention to the last macros – we’ll need them for transmitting conversions back in RichPush.

I hope everything is clear with macros so far.


Now, let’s proceed with the campaign creation.

New campaign” and “Edit Campaign” pages have a one-page structure, so the targeting, settings, and ads are found on one single page.

Let’s look at this process in detail.

New campaign

new campaign on richpush

At the top of Content Policy, we can see what we can and cannot advertise.

Next, we fill in the fields we’re already familiar with:

  • Campaign name – the name of the campaign
  • Destination URL – link
  • Title – ad title (30 characters)
  • Message – ad description (45 characters)
  • Icon image – ad icon
  • Icon size – 192×192 pixels – Maximum file size: 100KB
  • Main image – main image
  • Main image size – 492×328 pixels – Maximum file size: 100KB

Tip: I highly recommend you change the ad once every five days to get the best results.

I think you’ve already noticed a big “+” on the right side, correct?

By clicking on it, you can add a new ad in a campaign.

Tip: I advise you to create at least five ads, so you can select the most appropriate one further ahead.

And notice that you cannot upload more than 10 ads in a campaign until it is saved.

Honestly, I always do it this way: First, create a few ads and save the campaign. Next, open it for editing and add as many ads as you wish. Sometimes, especially when you create a large number of campaigns and test various approaches, you may end up losing it all by a simple misplaced click.

So, at this point, make sure that the initial campaign configuration has been saved.

For every new ad created, proceed exactly as described above.

I hope that everything is clear so far.

Let’s move on!


In this step, you’re going to set up the integration with your tracker or network.

I had no problems with that so far and everything was successfully done in the first attempt.

Note that I haven’t sent any information about the cost per conversion.

Perhaps, I am simply too suspicious, but I just do not like to share information about my income from a specific campaign with the traffic source!

Tip: I highly recommend you to set up the conversions transmission, since that will make it easier for you to work with the campaign optimization later on.

RichPush has a very powerful reporting system, so you can easily make use of various reports.

However, it will be hard to do without a conversion transmission.

Again, I would highly recommend you set up the conversions transmission!


On this step, you should specify the country you’re going to work with.

You can also specify the region and city if needed.

In the Technology targeting step, you specify the devices, OS, browsers and connection types you’re going to buy the traffic for.

Tip: Experts advise you to launch the campaign and not limit yourself with devices and other settings. In that way, you’ll be able to cover all available sources and further optimize them.

Exception – mobile or desktop offers.

Biding Type

Type – traffic purchase model – either per click or per ad view.

Cost per click, $ – per click or per 1000 views, depending on the criteria below.

CPA Goal, $ – price for the conversion, with the help of which you are going to optimize the traffic. Start to work after 10 received conversions.

Tip: I advise you to create two campaigns, one CPC campaign, where you are doing all the optimization yourself, and one CPA, where you can assign RichPush to conduct the optimization for you, and watch how the platform algorithm will be optimizing your traffic.

Smart CPC – in case this feature is included – the RichPush algorithm will automatically change the rate per click, based on volume and conversions,

Tip: I’d give you the same advice as to the one I’ve mentioned above. Simply try both variants to understand the way it works for your offers.

Budget, $ – daily budget of the campaign. Please make sure the minimum budget is $25. If you need to set a lower rate you can use the limits per click.

Schedule – you can either launch the campaign once it has passed the moderation stage or not.


New Subscribers Only – if you include this feature, your ad will be visible only for those users (subscribers) who were included in the database during the last seven days.

The price for such traffic will be higher and its volume lower.

Considering the fact that “fresh” users are not yet bothered with push-notifications, and they do not have “banner blindness”, it is very likely that such users will have a better response to your offers.

But no one knows for sure, so you have to test it for each offer.

Subscribers list ID – subscribers lists. It should be noted, that if you selected all lists, and you’ve fewer of them after moderation, it means that your offer cannot be shown in all the lists.

There is no need to re-add these lists since the campaign will undergo pre-moderation again.

Tip: Please pay special attention to the following remark “Start/Scale” next to the list number.

I advise you to select the sources with the mark Start at the very beginning. You’ll receive less traffic, but the traffic you’ll receive will be of much higher quality.

Once you are done with good ads/ landings/offers and ready to scale, you can choose the sources marked Scale – you’ll get more volume. However, the conversion is likely to be lower.


Impressions cap – impressions limit per one user.

Clicks cap – clicks limit per one user.

Tip: I recommend you set one impression per day.

If you need a more specific audience, you can try one impression once every 7-30 days.

However, you should be aware that traffic will be correspondingly lower.


Targeting on mobile operators and languages.


You’ve reached the final step!

Timetable – ad impressions schedule.

Automated rules – automated rules.

I’d even say this is a unique feature, which makes it possible for you to include sources in automatic mode into whitelists/blacklists, once you’ve set your own rules.

You can also increase/decrease the traffic volume, after setting your own rules.

Whitelists/Blacklists – sources white/blacklists.

Micro bidding – another interesting feature to increase/reduce the rate per click according to the settings you set. Read more.

IP whitelists/blacklists – white/of customers’ IP addresses

That’s it with campaign creation.

Click the Create a Campaign button and wait for moderation.

By the way, the process of moderation is quite fast!

I only had to wait 10-15 minutes until my campaigns had been accepted.

I hope everything is clear regarding the campaign creation process.

Now, let’s proceed to its optimization.

Campaign Optimization

What can you expect in this step and how can you make your campaign even more profitable?

I would say that the traffic quality at RichPush is excellent, even at the very beginning.

Conversions start to appear almost right away and without any sort of optimization.

Usually, when you get tons of traffic from cheap sources, you’ve to clean them and, only then, you will start receiving some conversions.

Not the case here. The traffic here is great.

You just need to choose good creatives and the sources that can be a good match for your offer.

I must say that guys from RichPush did their very best!

They have a very good understanding of traffic and know what is required for its optimization.

Plus, the reports are of the highest quality. There are a lot of different parameters, which you can further analyze to better understand what is going on with the campaign.

Now, I’m going to share with you the way I did it.

Here’s a list of the optimizations I picked:

  • Offers/landings
  • Ads
  • OS/Browsers/Versions
  • Bid (rate per click)
  • Sites/SourcesTime of ads impression/Days of the week

Why did I do it this way?

You should understand that when you start optimization by sources, you can dramatically decrease your traffic.

You can have a bad landing or ad with no response from your users and, instead of working on creatives, you may simply disable the site, which can bring you conversion on good creatives.

Of course it does not mean that you’ve got to put a lot of effort into testing the source.

On the other hand, if the site immediately shows poor results, you do not need to test it for a long time. Depending on the offer, I do not spend more than 3-5 costs per action.

Later, on good tested creatives, I turn off the site if I spent more than one CPA cost and have no leads.

Rate per click also plays an important role. If you set a very low rate, you can win only a few bids and receive low-quality traffic. This can include subscribers who were in the database a few months or even a year ago and have already seen the ads too many times.

But let’s go back to optimization.

Open the Reporting section and select Segmentation on Creativ ID.

Then, sort the report based on cost per conversion.

Using this approach, you can find ads where the price per conversion is very high.

Unfortunately, there is no way to disable such ads right from the report.

Afterwards, open the campaign with this ad in a new window and click on the pause icon.

The next report that can be useful for optimization is the Subscribers list ID.

This is actually the same report but in the Segment field.

You should sort based on the sum of money spent in this report (Spend, $), so you’ll get the lists (or sources) where you spend the most.

Then you should look at the cost per conversion in those lists.

Everything is pretty much the same. If the cost per conversion is too high, open the campaign – remember that you’ve already opened it in a new window – and disable this list.

And the last report to help you with optimization is segmentation on Publisher ID.

Here, you have the same action plan as in the previous step: you just need to sort it by money spent.

Then, look at the cost per conversion. If the price is too high, include it in the blacklist.

This review was quite long so thanks to all of you who made it up so far!

At this point, I’d like to add that there are a lot of variants for optimization here.

For example, you can increase or decrease the price for any specific parameters. It is called Micro Biding.

Unlike other sources you can do it, not only for sites/sources, but also for platforms (mobile/desktop), OS and browser versions.

You’ll get an opportunity to work with CPA or Auto Bidding – you’ve a lot of options here.

You can also create your own automated rules and much more.

Generally speaking, this platform is very advanced. Those who designed this system are not newbies in the world of traffic and they actually did a great job.

There are a lot of features, the interface is not overloaded and is easy to use.

Among other things, the traffic quality deserves real praise!

I’ll definitely continue working with this source and I advise you to try it with Mobidea’s offers. You can ask for suggestions inside Mobidea’s platform on the live chat.

Offers & Verticals

Ad Types: Push, In-Page Push Notifications and Pops

Cost Model: CPC and CPM

Offers Verticals: PIN Submit, Sweepstakes, Dating, Betting, Gambling, Crypto Offers, Binary Options, Desktop/Apps

Payment & Investment

Minimum Deposit: $50

Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Cards, WebMoney, Wire transfer, E-payments, Paxum


Personal Account Manager: Yes

Support Response Speed: 10 min – 2 hours

Support Rating: Great

Contact Methods Available: Online chat, Email, Skype, Telegram

RichPush Verdict


  • Excellent quality of traffic.
  • Big volume, especially for such GEO as India or LATAM.
  • Professional and timely support.
  • User-friendly reporting system.
  • A lot of options for optimization.
  • A lot of options to deposit accounts.


  • There is no option to preview the ads you created.
  • You cannot remove the add from report


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