RichPush Review: Why They Are Powerful

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RichPush Overview

Push ads are an exciting ad format that’s perfect for affiliate marketers.

In this RichPush review, I’m going to look into every corner of their platform and its features – a Push notifications advertising network for performance marketers that’s exclusively focused on push traffic.

RichPush allows you to buy high-quality push traffic, create high performing push ads, and scale your campaigns with ease.

RichPush: Offers & Verticals

Ad Types: Push, In-Page Push Notifications, Calendar Push, and Pops

Cost Model: CPC and CPM

Verticals: Antiviruses and VPN, utilities, gambling, nutra, betting, dating (+ adult with no restrictions), finance.

Prohibited Verticals: Ads of alcohol, drugs, etc.

Top 10 GEOs + Verticals:

  • Antiviruses: JP, BR, MX, US, CA, GB, DE, FR, AU, CH;
  • Utilities: BR, MX, PH, TH, CA, US;
  • Gambling: IDN, THA, BGD, MYS, ID, PL, CA, SG, BR, KZ;
  • Betting: BD, MY, ZA, BR, KH, TR, SG, TH, KE, IN;
  • Nutra: TH, IN, ID, PH, BD, MY, IT, SG;

Minimum Deposit: $100

Payment Methods: Bank card, Wire transfer, Payoneer, Сapitalist.

RichPush: Support

Personal Account Manager: Personal management support, which is always in touch and ready to help you in creating and optimizing a campaign.

Support Response Speed: 10 min – 2 hours

Support Rating: Great. Full campaign support, with tracking and creatives support for Pro + King plans

Knowledgebase: Yes, via blog

Contact Methods Available:

Sales Managers:


Telegram: @nastyarichads

Skype: live:anastasia.zhukovskaya


Telegram: @MKVRichAds

Skype: live:cf4d7ed1dbcdd66


Telegram: @richadsmax

Skype: live:.cid.549164195b0dcdf2

richpush knowledge base

RichPush Review: High Converting Push Ads for Performance Marketers

RichPush is a Push ad network that’s focused on results. They have a suite of powerful targeting options, along with many exclusive features that you won’t find anywhere else.


The well-established ad network has also recently launched some exciting new push formats that help you circumvent Chrome and iOS restrictions and reach a larger pool of users.

So let’s look at RichPush in more detail, and see how you can use them to create a profitable ROI from your push campaigns.

What is RichPush?

what is richpush

RichPush is a high-performance Push notifications ad network with many unique features. They are a great source of cheap, quality traffic and have a huge volume of users, with a database of 5B+ push subscribers – a number that is increasing each day.

Their traffic also consists of 100% real-network users. These users are sorted by quality, and the technical department is constantly monitoring the traffic to disable sources with low quality.

You’ll be able to find traffic from over 220+ countries worldwide, which includes a regular extension of volumes. The base is constantly growing, so there are always new Geos to test.

Plus, you can buy Push traffic on RichPush from just $0.003 in Tier 2 & 3, and from only $0.01 in Tier 1 Geos. The worldwide average CPC is just $0.004.

The volume is also huge, with over 5B+ daily impressions – a number that’s also increasing each day.

There’s support for all popular verticals, plus you can promote adult offers with no restrictions.

Let’s check out the main features.

RichPush Features

RichPush has many unique features that help you to create profitable campaigns right off the bat.

This is great news for performance marketers who are just starting out, or who want to hit the ground running.

Multiple Ad Formats

Choose from push, in-page push, or calendar push ads, or duplicate your campaigns across all ad formats in a single click!

PushAds: These ads are perfect for high volume campaigns and can be bought from as low as $0.003 in Tier 2 and 3, and from $0.01 in Tier 1 Geos.

In-page Push: Visually, in-page push notifications look the same as classic push notifications., and can be used to target iOS users. As the ads are shown in the browser, users don’t need to subscribe, so you’ll always be guaranteed the freshest users and a high quality of traffic. These ads have a high CTR and CR.

Calendar Push: These ads show as a scheduled event in the Calendar app on iOS. They have a similar format to push ads and are a fantastic way to engage with iOS users via the push notification ad format.

Micro bidding

Micro bidding helps you optimize your campaigns and improve your campaign performance. It works by allowing you to make custom bids, depending on 13 set variables. This can save you a huge amount of time, as you can adjust your bids for each variable, all from one campaign.

You can use micro bidding to reduce your target CPA by reducing or raising the CPC for each parameter, based on performance.

Micro bidding can be set up during campaign creation from the sources tab.

richpush micro bidding

Target CPA

This feature will automatically select the optimal bids to get conversions at the target price.

It uses an automatic algorithm which can be applied to your campaigns. It’s used to prioritize high converting sources over low performing traffic sources. This boosts your ad spend efficiency by concentrating on sources which will convert for you at the targeted price.

To use Target CPA, select it as an optimization strategy from the campaign creation tab. After an initial warm up phase, the algorithm will be launched and start to work.

richpush target cpa

Premium traffic

You can get premium traffic from exclusive publishers worldwide by targeting premium subscriber lists, which includes sources that show the highest performance across all verticals and GEOs.

These lists are continuously updated and only include subscribers with high a CR and have a conversion rate 221% better than remnant inventory lists.

Premium sources can convert up to times higher than average due to better placements and audience lists, so make sure you give them a try.

The software will automatically update new sources that are added, unless you turn this off in the settings.

You can also create blacklists and whitelists for specific Publisher IDs (account managers can provide whitelists for Pro and King plans).

It’s recommended to create blacklists and whitelists for the best results. Blacklists can be created with the help of the Automated Rules feature. The team can also provide you with whitelists upon request (the option is available for Pro and King plans).

richpush traffic sources

Automated Rules

Creating blacklists for your campaigns can be a lengthy process.

Automated rules make creating blacklists and whitelists a thing of the past by applying set rules to your campaigns that go on working for you around the clock.

You can set rules for publisher IDs, site IDs, OS, creatives, browsers, devices, and campaigns, and choose to increase or decrease bids for each parameter.

It’s the perfect way to streamline your campaign performance, with minimal effort.

richpush automated rules

Custom Icons

Use custom icons from previous campaigns from the RichAds pack. This pack also contains 30-40 icons in 8 verticals, which you can download for free to use in your campaigns. They are designed to work with different devices and OS and have been proven to perform well in Betting, Crypt, Dating, Finance, Gambling, Nutra, Men’s health, Sweepstakes.

Get your free icons here.

Traffic Insights

With the help of Traffic Insights, you can identify profitable traffic sources before you even register on the platform.

Traffic Insights allow you to see an average price for any selected country, as well as the price on any specific device.

You can also view which offer categories are advertised most often, who are your competitors, how much they pay per click, etc.

This tool can analyze what has happened during a selected timeframe, and identify issues that may result in low converting traffic. This could be because of a competitor who set a higher rate and started to re-purchase all the traffic you were previously purchasing.

richpush traffic insights


As an affiliate, you don’t want to spend hours every day creating and updating your campaigns.

Thankfully, with RichAds new optimization feature, you don’t have to!

Optimizer lets you add a source to the blacklist (or remove it from the whitelist) directly from the statistics page. This includes subscribers lists, publishers, sites, and OS.

You can even use micro bidding from the statistics page, which simplifies the process of working with multiple campaigns and see how your ads are performing at a glance.

richpush optimizer

Advanced Targeting

RichPush has excellent targeting, with lots of advanced targeting options available.

It has some of the most advanced targeting options of any ad network, and is incredibly easy to set up.

Targeting options include:

  • Country
  • Region & city
  • Device
  • OS
  • Browser
  • Connection type
  • Browser language
  • Carrier
  • ISP
  • IP
  • Time & schedule by week
  • New Subscribers Only (for push traffic only)
  • Subscribers lists (zones for pop traffic)
  • Publishers

You can also select mainstream-only content if you don’t want adult traffic.

Pro Tip: Experts advise you to launch the campaign and not limit yourself with devices and other settings. In that way, you’ll be able to cover all available sources and optimize them later.

Account Type

RichPush has a minimum deposit of just $100.

This will grant you access to all the standard features of the platform, including pro support from the team who can assist you with whitelists, creatives, setting up custom rules, optimization tips, and industry inside info (available for Pro and King plans).

RichPush offer 3 account types that differ according to the deposit sizes. The bigger the deposit, the more perks you will have!

Follow this link to find out more details, or view the account status info tab in your account.

adding funds on richpush

How to Create an Account and Run Ads with RichPush

One of the best things about RichPush – apart from the insane traffic quality and cheap clicks – is how easy it is to get started.

Follow these steps to launch your first campaign in just a few minutes!

Step 1: Create an Account

Creating an account is easy.

Go to RichPush website and click ‘Sign Up’ to get started.

Next, fill out the form and click Get Started when you are done.

creating an account on richpush

Step 2: Top up Your Account

To start using RichPush, you will need to add funds to your account.

If you’re new to the platform, use the promo code MOBIDEA to get a 10% bonus on your first deposit! Tell the code to the account manager to activate your bonus.

The minimum deposit amount is $100, and you can add funds using any of the available payment methods.

There is also a minimum daily payment threshold of $25 which you may want to factor into your budget. It’s recommended to start with a budget of between 10 and 30 potential CPAs. So, if your CPA value is $5, this would be $50-150.

Step 3: Set up Tracking and Postback

I had no problems with tracking, and everything was set up successfully on the first attempt.

RichPush has a very powerful reporting system, so you can easily make use of various reports. However, it will be hard to get the most out of this without first setting up your conversion tracking.

To access many features on the platform, you need to set up a postback. Also, without tracking and deposit, you won’t be able to launch your first campaign.

To set up tracking, click the section on the top menu. RichPush is integrated with all popular trackers, and includes templates for helping you to get set up.

Tracker templates include Binom, Kochava, Keitaro, Peerclick, Binom, FunnelFlux, Kintura, Voluum, AdsBridge, AppsFlyer, RedTrack, OctoTracker, and Thrivetracker.

There is also a special section on the blog which contains articles with instructions for integrations with different trackers, or you can speak to an account manager.

Pro Tip: I highly recommend you to set up the conversion tracker, since that will make it easier for you to work with the optimization tools later on.

how to setup tracking on richpush

Step 4: Create Your First Campaign

RichPush shares the RichAds platform.

To create a push campaign, choose the Push campaign type from the available options.

richpush ad formats

You will then need to select your preferred Optimization strategy.

This will be either Target CPA, Performance Mode, or Manual CPC.

richpush target cpa

Step 5: Upload Creatives

RichPush allows you to upload up to 10 creatives for any one campaign. Speak to your account manager about custom creatives (available for Pro и King plans).

adding creatives on richpush

Step 6: Select Your Targeting Options

Next, select the targeting options you want to apply to your campaign. You can also add any of the advanced targeting options to your campaigns in the campaign creation tab.

richpush targeting

Step 7: Set Your Conversion Goal

Set your target goal and conversion price for the campaign. This will enable the algorithm to work its magic, and give you the best price for high converting traffic sources later on.

setting the converstion goal on richpush

Step 8: Add Sources

Add the sources and audiences you want to target. Custom lists can boost your ROI by up to 50%, so make sure to use this list wisely!

sources whitelists and blacklists on richpush

Step 9: Start Your Campaign

Once you are happy with the settings, click Create.

Congratulations on setting up your first campaign!

Make sure you use all the features available to you to get the best results from your ads, or speak to your account manager if you would like any additional support.

Step 10: Create a Report

You can create custom reports to view your campaign performance from the reporting tab on the dashboard.

Use the reporting tab to check which ads are performing the best, adjust bids and optimize your campaigns.

This is important if you wanna make informed decisions about optimizing your campaigns.

You can also apply filters and segmentation to your reports pertaining to specific campaigns, creatives and other targeting options, and display these over any given time period.

This provides a complete breakdown of your performance stats and makes it easy to identify which areas need your attention.

Used in connection with your tracker, you’ll find the reporting tool to be a valuable resource for optimizing your campaigns.

richpush reports tab

Pros and Cons of Working with RichPush

RichPush is a great platform with a ton of features that will satisfy experienced marketers and newbies alike.

But what are the pros and cons you need to know?

Let’s find out!


  • Excellent quality of traffic.
  • Big volume, especially for such India or LATAM, and European countries.
  • Professional and timely support.
  • User-friendly reporting system.
  • A lot of options for optimization.
  • There are 3 account types that differ according to the deposit sizes. The bigger the deposit, the more perks you will have.


  • You can’t set up targeting on interests.

RichPush Verdict

RichPush is a very advanced platform. It’s been well-designed, and it’s fair to say the team did a great job.

There are a lot of features on offer, and the interface is incredibly easy-to-use.

Among other things, the traffic quality deserves real praise!

I’ll definitely continue working with this source, and I advise you to try it with Mobidea’s offers. Get in touch with us by Mobidea’s platform on the live chat, and we’ll recommend some offers you can use with RichPush right away!

Join RichPush ad network and use the promo code MOBIDEA to get a 10% bonus for your first deposit! Tell the code to the account manager to activate your bonus.