20 Crucial Online Security Tips You Need to Know

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Our lives are defined by a constant need to share info with other people.

At work, with our friends, and even at home.

Even so, you’ve gotta be careful!


Because social media (and the whole internet in general) may also help make our lives more open to the public.

Indeed, you’ve gotta keep your focus at all times!


You should understand that there are some things that you can never share with others, for security reasons.

For instance, your personal accesses are one of those crucial parts of your life that you wanna make sure stay a well-kept secret.

It’s not for any reason that they’re called “Personal”, as this is something you should always keep to yourself.

In this article, I won’t really share any info about the Affiliate Marketing world itself or how to earn more money with Mobidea.

Nevertheless, I’ll walk you through many aspects that’ll help you to never lose that sweet cash you’ve earned by working hard and SMART with us!

By the end of this article, I hope you’ll be aware of those 20 things that you can never do, not only on Mobidea, but in your daily life.


Online Security is never Overrated!


Let’s go!

1. Always Logout

This is one of the most crucial online security tips I got for you! As soon as you’re done making it rain on your Mobidea account, always play it safe and remember to logout.

You need to focus on this detail, especially in case you happen to be accessing your account from a shared network, as you never know who’s gonna enter after you.

2. Never Save your Password

It’s crucial that you never save your password on the device you use to access Mobidea (or any other platform, for that matter.) Meaning: don’t select the box containing the words “Save my password” or “Keep me logged in.”

Again: you need to be careful if you’re entering from a shared network, as you don’t want someone else accessing your account, learning your secrets, and walking home with your hard-earned money! Remember: your account is exclusively for you and you only!

3. Don’t Share Accounts

It’s always better not to share accounts, especially if you don’t really trust the people you’re working with. Make sure your account is never used by anyone else.

Each account is unique and personal. If you’d like to have your colleagues working with Mobidea, you can always refer them and they can open their own account with us!

4. Don’t Share Passwords

This is yet another fundamental online security advice! You should never share your personal password with anyone! In fact, it’s obvious that you should always keep this info to yourself.

Please remember Mobidea’s Control Crew assumes that every single activity done on your account is done by you, its owner!

Since it’s your responsibility, you might as well be careful and not fall prey to a password hunter that’s out to destroy your money-making chances!

5. Don’t Share your Security Question

It’s the same story as before, when you read about your password. Indeed, you should never share your security question. Moreover, be sure to set a Security Question that’s so personal only you could know the answer! You should set a Security Question that no one else can guess, and I’m referring to both strangers or close friends.

The Security Question ain’t supposed to be general culture! Only you can know the answer, my friend! Otherwise, might as well pay criminal minds to rob you blind.

6. Go Incognito

We also encourage you to use that obscure Incognito Mode on your browser, especially when accessing from a Shared Network. By using Incognito, you’ll be using an anonymous navigation, meaning the browser doesn’t record any history or cookies, and it disables browser extensions.

Due to these reasons, incognito is much safer for you to use when accessing Mobidea or when doing any bank transaction, since the chances of having your data stolen on the Internet aren’t so scary high!

7. Change Passwords

Apart from not sharing your password, there’s another really important aspect you need to take into account. Which one? You’ve gotta change your password every 2/3 months.

By doing this, you’ll be reducing the risk of someone else accessing your account. Remember that others would need time to find out what your password is. The tougher your passwords is (and the more often you change it) the harder it’s gonna be for you to be hacked!

If you tend to change it constantly (almost as a default mode), you’ll be sure that you’re playing on the safe side.

8. Don’t Be Obvious

This is so important, you guys! It’s the sort of security advice you know before you were even born!

Along with not sharing and changing your password, you also need to create a strong password. Always avoid easy-to-guess groups of words.

A mix of numbers, special characters, and upper and lower case letters would be ideal. This way, it’s more difficult for the average scoundrel to guess your password!

9. We Never Ask

This is crucial! The Support Squad never asks for your password/security question. The Mobidea Crew will never ask for those secret parts of your monetization experience.

Plus: always be careful with those emails where you’re asked to fill in your personal accesses such as bank account details, passwords, etc. You should always do this directly on the Mobidea platform, on your bank, website, and so on.

Phishing scams are pretty common nowadays. They tend to come about through unsolicited emails asking for those personal details. As mentioned above, your real bank would never ask for it! Be smart!

10. Official Communication Channels

Mobidea’s official communication channels are our Official Facebook Page and Email (affiliate-service@mobidea.com).

If you wanna talk with us, feel free to contact us through any of those channels.

Have you noticed some other channels that aren’t included on this list?

Then you should definitely report them and notify the Mobidea Crew because those channels are FAKES!

11. Configure All Your Recovery Options

Better safe than sorry! Yes, indeed! It’s very important that you configure all password recovery options. It can be a Security Question, having a recovery email address, or a phone number (Email-based or SMS-based identity verification.) You name it, bro!

As for Mobidea, along with your password, you should also set your security question.

In addition, I’m gonna give you a tip to make sure those security measures are tight: when requesting payments on our website, you’ll have to go through a confirmation process on the email associated to your Mobidea account.

12. Check Your Surroundings

This might sound like it’s a bit too obvious but you always need to be sure that no one else is looking while you insert your password, security question, pin, etc.

A simple method such as using your hand to shield this info can truly be a life-saver!

13. Check that Shady URL

Never open a file you don’t trust. Always be very careful with the URLs while navigating online.

Sometimes, you can find some that may look real, but can be a hidden fraudulent URL that’s been created for phishing attacks.

URLs can be tricky! You should really bear this security tip in mind!

14. Detect Malware Like a Pro

Using an internet-connected computer without using an anti-malware software would be like walking a tightrope. It’s crucial that you regularly run malware, keyloggers and virus detection softwares on your computer. This way, you’ll always have your device protected!

15. Keep Your Link

You shouldn’t share the Smartlink or Offer link with other affiliates. Even if you trust them, you never know when they can make a wrongful use of it.

Remember that – if a strange activity is detected on your account – we assume it was done by you. Your account, your responsibility, your fire to walk through!

16. Don’t Share Your Payment Details

All your payment and transaction activities should be kept to your own self. Remember: we only allow one payment detail on our platform.

This means that – in case another affiliate uses your PayPal account to withdraw a payment on their own Mobidea account – his Cashier is gonna be automatically blocked, as your PayPal is already registered and associated with your account.

Wanna avoid this hassle?

Then don’t share info!

17. Never Forget Your Password

Always save the password and security answer in a safe place.

Ideally, this place should be your own private, brain-filled head. This way, no one will ever have access to it!

Memory isn’t the best ally you can get? Then use a pen, and write these secrets words separately on a piece of paper.

Where should you keep that particular paper? Keep it somewhere safe, of course!

18. Use the Company Email

If you work inside a company and wanna send traffic to Mobidea, it’s always better to use the company email instead of an individual email. This is gonna help you.


Because you won’t need to replace the email of your Mobidea account every time a person leaves it!

19. Don’t Share Your Personal Documents

Never share your personal documents online. You never know when someone can steal your identity and take advantage of it.

Please remember that – in some cases, for security purposes – we might ask you for your identity documents.

Never share!

Use your brains, player!

20. Use a Fixed IP

Another relevant online security piece of advice you should take into account!

Try to always use a fixed IP, as some platforms might not accept a dynamic one.

Moreover, don’t use a VPN. Let’s imagine you’re running your VPN and you remember you need to do a financial transaction right there and then.

What do you do? Access your bank account and, oh no! Your account has been suddenly frozen! A huge headache is now starting to offend each inch of your human body!

You’ll need to call the bank in order to verify your true identity. In order to avoid this bothersome catastrophe, just avoid using a VPN!

Note: we don’t accept the use of a VPN or a Proxy on Mobidea.


As you’ve been able to understand by reading this wickedly informative article, the security of your personal info is probably the most important aspect when playing any online business.

Even so, most ballers tend to take it rather lightly, like little dweebs! Therefore, it’s essential that you always keep your personal information secure. Otherwise, you can face the unbearable risk of identity theft.

I hope you found this article useful and that it made you alert to all the risks out there.

If you know all the cons, you’ll never be a sucker!

Remember: keep it secret, keep it safe!

Now what?

I’ve given you the best online security tips to help you be safe which means that you’re now ready to sign up for Mobidea!