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Guilherme Romão

Social Media Publishers Manager

Guilherme is that guy who wants to expand your business with you. He'll be there cheering you on, showing you the data that builds a path onto success, and is someone you'll want to exchange some chilled words with.

At the moment he's focused on the Social Media side of the mobile marketing world. He believes it is an ultra fast-paced environment, full of content bursting to entertain and rock people's lives: social is part of who we are.

And Gui also has a few hobbies. He plays the guitar and sings when he can (so, not only in the shower), he writes, and he's definitely attending those music events where you get to hear your favorite bands play!

He's also a proud owner of a dog named Nix.

He knows that together we'll go far. No. Not only far! We'll rock'n'roll!

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