Constant search for the perfect match of niche and advertising format is like a hunt for the flawless recipe. In fact, there is no one and only correct answer.

However, through the process of selection and experimentation, many incredible combinations can be discovered. One of them is iGaming and Interstitial Ads. The case of an iGaming app, a partner of the Adsterra network, proves this.

Let’s explore the details!

General info

Product: iGaming app


KPI: app install

Landing page: direct linking

The app in this case is an iGaming service for online playing and sporting event predictions. It has an Android application and a browser version.

case study example 1

This case had some peculiarities due to the format. It’s interesting to track how this affected the settings. For this campaign we used Interstitial Ads. It is one of Social Bar subformats. Interstitial Ads are distinguished by its large size (up to 85% of the screen) and a high level of visibility for the user.

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This time we launched Interstitial ads on a direct link, and our KPI was installing the application. So we had to limit traffic from Android OS versions that are not supported by the application.

Set parameters

Here’re the parameters we’ve set for the campaign:

  • Pricing type: CPA
  • Country: PH
  • Price: $1.2
  • Device format: mobile, tablet
  • Operating system: Android 6.0 or later
  • Traffic type: all

case study example 2

case study example 3


2 Interstitial banners were created using the built-in creatives constructor:

case study creative 2

case study creative 1

Social Bar creatives

Monitoring & optimizing

The first few days after a campaign launch are traditionally the most important, so we carefully monitored the data. During the process, we’ve identified a number of sources with low-motivated traffic. Thanks to timely analysis, these targets were disabled and the campaign was optimized.

adsterra igaming case study targeting

Optimizing the campaign by monitoring


Just in the first week, the media buyer managed to launch a campaign, optimize it, analyze it, cover all the spends, and get an impressive profit.

adsterra igaming case study earnings

Results per week

  • CTR = 49% (380 135 views and 189 000 clicks)
  • CR = 0.6% (1130 conversions per 7 days)
  • $1412 total spends
  • $4746 gross
  • $3334 net profit
  • 236,12% ROI

This is an excellent result, which was achieved thanks to a competent approach to launching and optimizing the campaign. This case perfectly demonstrates the main tips worth repeating.

Tips for Interstitial Ads and iGaming campaigns

  • Segmentation requires a special approach. This applies not only to iGaming campaigns. If you plan to launch on different operating systems, be sure to separate your campaigns. For example, this one was created specifically for Android.
  • Please pay attention to technical nuances: in this case, the application is only suitable for a certain version of Android (6.0 and higher). Be sure to analyze whether such a setting is important for your campaign.
  • Take care of the unity of style. Interstitial Ads attract attention in any case, because it is a format that cannot be missed. However, if you make it in the same style as the main site, this will add points to you and increase the level of trust of users.
  • GEO settings are no less important than OS settings and others. If you use a specific GEO, do not forget about localizing your advertising.
  • Monitor your results from day one. This way you can optimize costs and get more gross (and no profit) as quickly as possible.

Sum up

The results of the case speak for themselves. However, summing up, we are happy to remind you of the basic rules: careful attention to campaign settings and timely optimization.

Users appreciate high-quality creatives, and it’s great that Interstitial Ads allow you to create excellent visuals for any niche, including bright and exciting iGaming. If you want to learn more success stories and other materials useful for advertising, we will be happy to share: read another cool iGaming case study and be very welcome to join Adsterra partners!

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