How to Use Social Data to Launch a Successful Affiliate Campaign

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We know that social networks have a good load of issues when it comes to marketing. For example, it’s not that easy to determine social media ROI in affiliate marketing.

There’s also the fact that social media is more like walking through a minefield than having a beach stroll when it comes to making obvious — or not so obvious — social media mistakes.

And then there’s the whole involvement of social media in politics, the backlashes, the bad rep, and the inevitable shrinking of the user base.

We’re looking at you, Facebook.

But businesses still use social media for marketing, and that includes Facebook. Yeah, the share of social media ad spent in marketing budgets is on the rise.

So it’s pretty fair to say that social media seems to be working well for marketers, and the audiences are increasingly on social media.

So, while everything’s already happening on social media, why not use it to your advantage in your affiliate marketing?

Let’s see how you can use social data to increase the chances of launching a successful campaign.

Choosing the Right Offer

A huge part of your success lies in your ability to avoid wasting time on meaningless things.

When it comes to picking the right offer for your campaign, for example, Mobidea is gonna help you cut down a lot of the research time.

But if you still wanna do some outside research on products or services you promote, then social media is a good platform for this. Why? It’s an incredibly useful window for spotting trends. Best of all, it lets you see what are the hypes in the geographical area of your choice.

In fact, you’re gonna be able to slice social media data any way you want — by age, gender, income, interests, residence, you name it.

So right off the bat, social data is gonna allow you to scope the size of your potential audience.

Checking Out the Competition

While you’re out there looking for an audience for possible products, you might as well do research on the competition.

Staying on top of the ads that are already running in the area and promoting the same products you’ve got your eyes on, is gonna be super useful.

Later on, when you’re feeling a bit more confident about your choices and targeting, you can use that information to go right after the audience segments that have your competitors as their interest.

Not that you have to, and it might not even be the best possible strategy for the market, but that’s just one of the things social data lets you do to influence the success of your affiliate campaign.

Promoting the Offer

Facebook is a good source of traffic, it’s as simple as that.

Other social networks can be okay too, depending on the type of product you’re trying to promote and the type of audience you’re going after.

Facebook is still not only an indispensable social network, but also the most beginner-friendly one.

You’ll probably wanna buy some ads to drive traffic towards your landing pages, or the website(s) you’ve set up for the campaign.

Here, you can use social data to ensure that your copy doesn’t land on deaf ears.

In fact, the data you’ve seen on social media by now might help you figure out what type of copy to go for, or what type of content your landing pages need. If you’re into creating customer personas, social data will help you do it.

Fixing the Ads — Fine Tuning and Split Testing

Even if you’re new to marketing, you’re probably aware that you’ve gotta test your ads. At the very least, to see the weak points of your ad campaign and get ideas what to do about them.

You’re gonna be testing the copy, the image, and the content type of your ads.

When you go back to analyze them, it’s the social data that’s gonna give you the feedback you need to pack more punch into your social ads, or at least make the punches land where they’re gonna count the most!


You can use social media for your affiliate campaign as much or as little as you wanna, but what you can’t do is disregard social networks completely.

There’s simply too much going on there to turn a blind eye on it. Literally everyone’s there, and they’re just waiting for the right motivation to click and convert.

Mastering the basics of using social data for affiliate campaigns is the very least you’ve gotta do to make it rain!

And the basics are simple — social data lets you segment audiences according to any criteria, and there’s a world of value you can find in that. Plus it’s a good place to spy on competitors.