Mobile content 3G offers still remain one of the most demanded verticals, but finding a suitable traffic source for them might be quite challenging.

UngAds advertising network started its operations in 2015 and is known for its wide geographical coverage, offering worldwide traffic for various verticals, including mobile content offers.

By combining technological prowess, extensive geographical capabilities, and diverse targeting settings, UngAds has become a popular choice for many advertisers seeking to expand their advertising campaigns worldwide.

Choosing the Offer

Choosing the right offer is a critical step in any advertising campaign, and in this case study, the affiliate followed the recommendations of their account manager at UngAds ad network and chose a 3G carrier offer.

The geographical targeting was set for Thailand (AIS carrier), a prime location identified as one of the top-performing regions according to UngAds statistics data.

Conversion Flow: PIN submit

Ad Format: Popunder

Traffic Source: UngAds (Create your account)

Campaign Launch

Setting up the campaign on UngAds ad network, the affiliate chose Popunder CPM ad format to have more control over campaign optimization, even though at UngAds, you can also run CPA 2.0 campaigns, which allow you to run CPA campaigns after the preliminary CPM test.

In campaign settings, the affiliate has set all necessary targeting settings – GEO, 3G carrier, mobile devices – phones and tablets – and AIS 3G carrier.

ungads case study campaign settings

Also, in campaign settings, they’ve added a rule for automatic optimization. According to this rule, all sources that brought more than 2000 impressions but less than 8 conversions would get blacklisted.

This feature helps to achieve desired results with less effort.

ungads case study campaign settings 2

For the test of this offer, it was allocated $300. Therefore, in the campaign settings, they’ve also set a total limit of $300, after which the campaign would get paused.

Also, as the offer has some caps, the affiliate has set a daily budget of $30.

As recommended, they’ve set the optimal bid for this targeting – $3.2.

Testing Phase

The initial phase of the campaign witnessed a slightly elevated cost per conversion during the first 2 days of campaign launch.

However, as the campaign progressed, the implementation of auto-optimization rules helped to improve the results.

The algorithm has excluded sources with high conversion cost and low CR, leaving the campaign running on well-performing sources.

By the third day, there was a noticeable decrease in conversion cost.

And by the 4th day, it became even lower than what was initially required by the advertiser.

During the last 5 days of the test, the CPA price remained profitable.

Campaign Results

Over a span of 9 days, the campaign was diligently tested, with total expenses of $189. The revenue generated amounted to $244, showcasing a profitable outcome.

ungads case study 3g mobile content offer

The results of this 3G carrier campaign on UngAds:

  • Revenue: $244
  • Spent: $189
  • Profit: $55
  • ROI: 30%

ungads 3g mobile content offers statistics

Now, the affiliate is planning to proceed with their campaign and select some sources for whitelisting, which should help lower the CPA price and get more profit from the offer.

For this purpose, they can use the same UngAds auto-optimization tool, which has helped to exclude sources during the test.

If you want to find the best campaign setup, expand your tests and get more profit, get started with UngAds today!