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TheOptimizer provides the most advanced suite of campaign management and automatic optimization platforms for native, pop/redirect/push and adult display traffic.

Integrated with the top native, pop/push and adult display traffic networks and tracking platforms via API, enables you to manage and scale your affiliate marketing campaigns like a super affiliate, without having to sacrifice your current campaigns setup.

TheOptimizer provides tree different platforms:

Here’s a quick breakdown on how TheOptimizer can help you get the most out of your campaigns:

Automatically aggregates the statistics of your campaign (traffic source & tracker)

  • Showing accurate cust, revenue, net profit, and clicks on several levels, like Campaign, Publisher, Placement, and Ads (depending on the ad format).
  • Helps you on quickly spotting any clicks difference from your traffic source to your tracker.

Gives you a competitive edge by taking care of your optimization tasks like

  • Automatically pause or start campaigns, publishers, and ads based on the conditions you like to.
  • Automatically change bids on the campaign, publisher or ad level when certain roi or epc goals are being met
  • Automatically increase or decrease your campaigns daily budgets based on its daily results.
  • Collect and share automatically created blacklists among several campaigns in order to drastically cut down your testing budgets.

Cuts your campaigns and ad creation time and complexity

  • Quickly create and upload multiple images and headline ad variations on your new or existing campaigns
  • Quickly import existing ads from one campaign to another.
  • Effortlessly duplicate existing campaigns and/or create multiple new ones in one flow (ie. three separate campaigns for desktop, mobile, and tablet using the same ads and/or links.)