Mobidea Push Promo Code: Get 10% Extra Balance

With all the talk about the power of push notifications, we thought we’d cut to the chase and make it easy for everybody.

So we built Mobidea Push.

Mobidea Push is a single dashboard for push and campaign management connected to 20+ push traffic suppliers, that will take your business to the next level!

Enjoy exceptional ad visibility and CR, and serve your ads to real users who want to see them.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Take advantage of HUGE volumes – 10 billion requests a day (yes … you read that right – billion).
  • One-stop solution. This all-in-one platform makes launching campaigns with over 45 traffic sources SUPER easy.
  • More control. Decide exactly how many times a user is seeing your push notification each day. Finally a capping feature for push that works.
  • 2X conversions. Maximize ROI by targeting only newly registered users with our audience freshness feature.
  • Fast A/B testing. Effortlessly split test different creatives to make sure your campaign is optimized for conversions.
  • Sleep easy. Know you’re only getting high-quality clicks and strictly no bots with our anti-fraud controls.
  • Not Limited to Mobidea Offers.
  • Full Integration with Mobidea Wallet.

Remember if you ever have any questions or need any support with your campaign Mobidea’s experts will help you.

Get in touch anytime via live chat or email ( They are always there to help you with your affiliate journey.

How to claim the bonus?

Here’s the deal: to all the Mobidea Academy readers, we’ve got a special bonus! Use the promo code academy10 in the cashier and get a 10% bonus on your first deposit of at least $100. The maximum bonus is up to $2500.

mobidea push cashier page

Start experiencing the revolutionary Push Traffic platform! 😎