Mobidea’s Back to School Giveaway: 3 AdPlexity Accounts for Free!

Mobidea Academy’s Back to School Giveaway

Hey Mobidea Academy readers!

It’s time to announce a monster new giveaway!

But first…

Wanna scale your affiliate profits by spying with top-notch ad spy tools?

Wanna keep a close eye on your competitors in eCommerce, adult, or mainstream?

This month we’re giving away 3 AdPlexity accounts for 3 different winners to use for an entire month. That’s $249 value without our AdPlexity coupon.

You decide what to put on the menu!

  • AdPlexity Mobile – learn from the top performing mobile campaigns of your competition in over 75 countries
  • AdPlexity Desktop – Get insights on their popup traffic sources in 75+ countries
  • AdPlexity Native – reveal the secrets of their native LPs, targeting and get insights for more than 32 geos
  • AdPlexity eCommerce – crack the code of the most successful Shopify stores and become one!

How to participate?

Login using the available options and take as many actions as you can from the box below.

The more entries you’ve got, the more chances you have of winning! ?

Oh, and don’t forget to referrer your friends, it’ll give you a huge boost!


Go! Go! Go!

Mobidea Academy – Back to School

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