Kadam Coupon: Exclusive 10% Bonus

Why Kadam?

If you’re an advertiser in search of a one-stop-shop ad network that offers diverse ad formats and vast volumes to cater to all your campaign requirements, then look no further—Kadam is the answer.

This advertising network (which is also a DSP) offers six main ad formats, each with massive daily traffic:

  • Native – Almost 14 billion impressions
  • Classic Push – More than 12 billion impressions
  • In-page push/On-site Push – More than 2 billion impressions
  • In-app push – More than a billion impressions
  • Click under – Also more than a billion impressions
  • Display ads – At least 7 billion impressions

Aside from its massive ad volumes, Kadam’s most notable features that will surely make you want to try it out are:

  • Unlimited number of ad creatives per campaign
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 24/7 campaign moderation
  • Fraud Filter

How To Claim Your Kadam Coupon Bonus

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