The European Summit 2016

You know the Mobidea Crew never stops balling and that’s why we’re announcing our presence in Sitges! We’ll be one of the TES Mobile Day Sponsors, so you know you can’t miss this major event!

In 2016, the European Summit will make you feel lucky to be part of such an amazing conference. In Catalonia, you’ll be able to hear some of the best speakers in the business discuss the latest technologies, talk about the future of Online Entertainment and bring together thousands of people who share a passion for this sexy industry!

Here, you can meet industry leaders from all around the globe, attend networking events and get to know the latest info on a business which keeps increasing its revenues at top speed!

The Summit is definitely one of the most remarkable gatherings of the adult industry which means you’ll regret missing it.

This year we’ll be giving a Media Buy workshop, in which you can have the chance of learning with the experts! Be sure to get inside the conference room quickly, cause it will be teeming with people trying to drain our info!

Ready for the educational experience of your life? See you there!

Mobidea Crew
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