Mobile World Congress 2016

The Mobidea Crew wants to make sure you go to sunny Barcelona!

The Mobile World Congress is simply the most important event in our industry. Last year, the event managed to bring together 94.000 attendees, thousands of C-Level leaders and close to 3,800 international press and industry analysts!

In this grand gathering, you’ll have the chance to experience more than 140 speaker sessions, in which you’ll listen to some of the most relevant voices of our mobile world! This is a truly remarkable congress and that’s why we’re giving tickets away. Each ticket costs 749€, which means that, if you win, you’ll be thanking us a lot!

Wondering what you have to do to win these golden tickets? It’s easy! You can get them by liking and sharing our post on Facebook or by following us and sharing our post on Linkedin.

You can even participate in both social media platforms in order to increase your chances of winning!

How to win tickets via Facebook:

First: Like our Facebook page

Second: Share our post.

Bear in mind that each participant can only win one ticket through Facebook, of the two tickets we have to give.

How to win tickets via Linkedin:

First: Follow our page.

Second: Share our post.

Bear in mind that we only have one ticket to offer on our Linkedin competition.

This contest will come to an end by December 31st of 2015. At the beginning of January, we’ll do a draw. Two lucky guys will win on Facebook and one will get to celebrate on Linkedin.

Now don’t waste any more time! Share or follow our post to have a chance of making it to MWC, in Catalonia’s most beautiful city!

If you get lucky, you’ll be there from the 22nd until the 25th of February, celebrating mobile in all its glory!

Don't forget! You can participate in both social media platforms so as to have a higher chance of winning!

We will announce the winners of both contests in the first week of January on our Website, Facebook and Linkedin pages.
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