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Mobidea's Native Ads Spy Tool give you access to the most profitable native ad campaigns running right now.

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Get instant access to the best native ad campaigns that are currently crushing it online

Learn exactly which creatives and landing pages marketers are using to generate millions of dollars.

Access native campaigns running on 27 ad networks in 65 countries around the world

Unlock the secrets of proven native ads, launch your own campaign and make serious money online


Powerful Landing Page Ripper

You don’t need to hire an expensive landing designer anymore. With our all-in-one landing page ripper tool, you can download winning landing pages with a click of a button. Easily customize and deploy onto your server in a few minutes.


We have all the data you need to help you create a better, more profitable campaign. Get detailed insights on the most profitable native ad campaigns without any of the effort. Know exactly what’s working in native before you hit the publish button.

Save Time and Money

Hit the ground running from the start. We’ve saved you countless hours of researching and testing. Find a winning native ad campaign, copy the marketing funnel, create your own campaign and start making money. You can thank us later.

New Campaign Alerts

We show you every move your competition is making. When they launch a new native campaign, we’ll notify you immediately. This way you get to see the hottest native campaigns before they reach saturation. Honestly, the hard work has already been done for you.

Effortlessly Search and Filter Campaigns

We’ve made it easy for you to search through all campaigns for your keywords. You can sort campaigns by ad strength and how long they’ve been running. Quickly filter campaigns by network, country, device, category and tracker. Find out what’s working in every vertical.

Affiliate Offer Wall

We give you a huge list of offers available from affiliate networks. Browse through hundreds of offers currently available with more being added daily. Get a detailed breakdown of every element of each offer, from creatives to landing pages.


Our coverage

We have amazing coverage in every major country across all regions in the world.


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Mobidea's Native Spy Tool comes as a flat montlhy rate with zero hidden fees.
Existing Mobidea customers can use their account balance to get the tool.

$69.99 monthly
  • 27 Native Ad Networks
  • Data from 64 Countries
  • Desktop & Mobile Ads
  • Landing Page Ripper
  • Real Time CPC Bids & History
  • Competitor Alerts
  • Advanced Filters
  • Live Chat Support
Combo - Native + Push best value
$139.99 monthly
  • 27 Native Ad Networks
  • 38 Push Ad Networks
  • Data from 92 Countries
  • Desktop & Mobile Ads
  • Landing Page Ripper
  • Real Time CPC Bids & History
  • Competitor Alerts
  • Advanced Filters
  • CBC Bids History
  • Live Chat Support
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