Mobidea 2.0 - Enter the Tracker Revolution!

Mobidea has some ground-breaking news: we now have awesome Tracker Capabilities!

This investment in tech is a testament to our commitment with innovation and it has a clear goal: to give your cool campaigns a superior performance, making sure you’ve got a whole lotta data available, much more than any other tracking solution or network in the industry is gonna be able to provide!

We live to come up with ways to deal with your issues, and our developers are constantly creating new features which let you experience the future in affiliate marketing tech, enrich your life, and ultimately allow you to become financially independent!

The Mobidea Tracker is a totally free feature. You’ve read it: no hidden fees or surprise commissions.

This remarkable technology has another advantage we can brag about: a wicked Support Squad, available every single day, and able to speak 4 languages.

The Mobidea Tracker integrates traffic sources by default, which means users don’t have to waste their precious time integrating traffic sources manually.

Indeed, we have over 100 already preconfigured traffic sources on the platform. In case you don't find the offer you're looking for, you can add it manually on the list.

The action-oriented reports are super easy to navigate, giving you an in-depth stats report, allowing you to gather info on the performance of your campaigns in more than 23 dimensions - including the segmentation of data per IP.

That’s why newbies shouldn’t worry: this isn’t some super complex platform which can only be used by an MIT professor! Any affiliate can access this new platform, experiencing tech like never before.

There’s even a Live Feed of Offers, Signups and Payments that you can check on your dashboard to be up to date on what’s going on in your account.

Plus: you can easily pull conversion stats and offers via API, which means it’s easier for you to integrate with other tools.

Mobidea couldn’t be prouder of the new Opportunities section, which is pretty awesome!

You can check it out and get to pick the best Offer or Segment!

It’s totally transparent. You won’t have to test offers to understand their value - you can check the performance of each offer before promoting.

How does it work? Simple. All the info on Offer and Segment performance is anonymously shared across the affiliate community. This means every single user will be able to see where it's worth betting high!

We've also got a gift for VIP Affiliates: they can get access to even fresher data - data from the last 3 days and from yesterday - while other affiliates can check the stats for the last 7 days.

The platform also allows you to perform A/B testing using rotation settings inside your Campaigns. You can split traffic like a king, test and pick to use the best-performing Offers or the Smartlink!

As far as data is concerned, you don’t need to worry: the Mobidea Tracker has got your back!

Your data is gonna be hosted in our multiple data centers, meaning faster redirects through a secure SaaS solution with private storage and data encryption.

Your campaigns are built on Clustered Domains, which is gonna prevent affiliate blacklisting, since the domain configuration is done through DNS and not CNAME.


There’s a new Prelander Uploader which allows you to use your custom landers on your Mobidea campaigns! Add them by inserting a URL or by uploading a CSV file.

These tracking abilities are a whole new game. This advanced technology is the proof that we’re always thinking about you!

We wanna continue our forward-thinking work, focused on providing top-notch resources to ALL Mobidea Crew members!

We know you want more accessible tools and that’s why we work hard to craft some super special features such as this one: a COMPLETELY FREE tracker that’s gonna leverage your revenues like nothing else in the whole affiliate industry!

What are you waiting for?

Check Mobidea’s New Tracker right now

In case you have any questions, you can always get in touch with our awesome Support Squad by sending an email to

The Mobidea Crew (TMC)
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