New Google Compliant Ad formats and more!

With Mobidea one thing is for sure: we're always hustling to make you even richer!

That’s why we came up with new features that will save you time and make you feel the money is raining!

What are you waiting for brother? Let’s go!

Here's what you need to know to understand we're always helping you get better. First, we improved the loading time on the stats section. Time is money, you feel me? No more boring minutes waiting and feeling like you're losing your mind.

You also have to check the new mad opportunities section. It's a whole new ball game! We pimped your ride and now you can make faster and cleaner decisions.

Wanna know how? Easy!

- New cross filters (iOS & Android) that allow you to see even more specific info on the Country and Carrier filters than you had before.

- Multi Selecting that's gonna speed the process and allow you to choose a bunch of filters at the same time.

We also listened to your requests and came up with ready made scripts for new Google compliant Ad formats:

- Pop Under: When the user clicks on your website, the page opens on a new window and the page below redirects to the Smartlink.

- Overlay: The Smartlink appears on top of the page of your website;

Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming! We're in this together. We work hard and we play hard! We just wanna give you the best experience and, if you think we should be doing something different, you know what to do.

Send us an email at
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