Performance Fallback: Game changing feature!

We're crazy about a new exclusive tool that will change the way you optimize your traffic, making sure that those profits get fatter.

The Performance Fallback.

Let us explain. It's real simple.

This new tool allows you to select the eCPM that Mobidea needs to beat; otherwise the traffic will be redirected to the fallback URL of your choice.

For example, you have a segment with the “network KMB” that generates an average eCPM of $10. You want to try Mobidea to see if you can make more gold. That's a smart idea brother! But, in this case, you don't take the risk of losing that cool $$$ you're making right now.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

Let's set up a Performance Fallback for your Smartlink and configure it with a minimum eCPM of $10. The Smart Link will only send the traffic to Mobidea offers for the segments where we beat $10 eCPM (using the global data from our network), and send the traffic of the other segments to the fallback URL you have set.

Got it? It's easy and it's gonna make you earn more cash!

Exactly: more revenues for you with none of the risk!

To find where you can configure a Performance Fallback, access the page that lists your Smart Links on your account, and click on the ADVANCED button. Then, you just activate and configure the option. Simple!

We're here to help you make so much money you'll need to create your own bank! If you think we can do better just send an email to
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