Here are the Winners of Our Black Friday Contest!

Our awesome Black Friday contest was a fierce battle among many dedicated affiliates that has now come to an end!

After many days of unstoppable promotion of wicked offers, we’re now ready to give you what you’ve been waiting for: the names of the worthy winners!

As you know, this contest is supposed to award 6 winners.

One winner of the first prize, two winners of the second prize, and three winners of the third prize!

Ready to find out the names of the newly-crowned kings of Mobidea?

Here are the winners of our Black Friday Contest:

First prize - Cihad

Second prize - SolarSystem and Steve

Third - VdV, WinterLeaves, and ecomspinner

These guys rock!

Their perseverance and consistent determination inspire every Mobidea Crew member to work hard, optimize faster, and make it rain like it’s insane!

Thanks to every single affiliate who participated in this contest!


The Mobidea Crew (TMC)
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