Here are the Official Winners of Mobidea’s Breakdance Challenge!

The Breakdance Challenge is now officially over!

This was the ultimate fight for affiliate marketing power!

Thousands of eager Mobidea users gave their all to become kings and queens but only some select masters will have the chance to be crowned as glorious winners!

Ready to know who won the last round of Mobidea's Breakdance Challenge?

Check these names!

3rd Round Winners:

1st place: VdV - 10.6 points - 300 EUR

2nd place: Boson - 4.4 points - 200 EUR

What about the Grand Winner?

The man who shall be known as king forever and always?

VdV - 94.2 points - 500 EUR

Congrats to these heroes who did everything possible to promote Mobidea’s awesome offers!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

You guys rock!

The Mobidea Crew (TMC)
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