Mobidea’s New Offers Directory is Here!

That's right!

Mobidea keeps improving its platform every single day.

That's why we have something real special to share:

Our brand-new, minty fresh Offers Directory!

This is a cool page where you can find a list of all the active offers we've got on Mobidea.

Here's what you can expect from our Offers Directory:

-Super advanced filters with a lot of special new options
-Bulk actions so that you can do your thing faster like a master
-Stats with more parameters provided, which means you'll get the chance to pick the very best offer for you
-Opportunities for every Offer. We'll provide valuable info about the best segments for you to work on with that particular offer. You can get to pick a specific time frame and aggregate the data by any parameters of your choice
-Check data using the Table or the Icon view, so that you can see the info like a pro!

Loved this new feature?

Ready to check it out?

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