Mobidea is a Partner Network of 6WAMC!

Mobidea is now a Partner Network of 6WAMC, the coolest walkthrough around for Affiliate Marketing hopefuls! This is quite the honor, since it means the StackThatMoney affiliate forum - creators of the 6WAMC affiliate mastery programme - is now going to work closely with us. More specifically, the platform is going to be partnering up with the Mobidea Crew to come up with case studies, and think about industry’s best practices.
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We've Got 100.000 Affiliates!

The Mobidea platform is proud to announce that we've reached the awesome watershed moment we'd been waiting for: we now have 100.000 affiliates making it rain on Mobidea every single day! This is the result of the dedication of our Mobidea Crew employees, always ready to help you guys monetize faster! We hope you big ballers keep stacking higher than an empire so we can continue this amazing journey together!

Mobidea is Now Available in Russian!

You know Mobidea is always innovating and making sure your favorite platform has everything you need to make you feel like you can stack real high! That's why we're announcing something special for our Russian speaking affiliates: you guys will now be able to access the Mobidea platform totally and completely written in Russian! From now on, apart from having a remarkably competent Russian Support Squad always ready to help, you'll also get a platform in your native language!

Mobidea is One of the Year's Top 20 CPA Networks!

mThink has given us the Blue Book award! This is an annual ranking of the year’s TOP 20 CPA Networks and it’s amazing that we get to be part of this wickedly select list! mThink is the online publishing branch of mThinkDigital. This platform is one of the dopest interactive marketing services agencies. It’s focused on content marketing, digital strategy, customer acquisition, thought leadership and also e-commerce.

New Mobidea App Widget for iOS and Android!

Mobidea has launched a brand-new widget for iOS and Android devices! We're starting 2017 with a BANG and want our affiliates to know we never rest, looking to give you cool new features that make your life easier. Now you can get to see important info real quick.

We've Reduced the Minimum Payment!

On Mobidea, we know that listening to the request of our amazing affiliates is not only a task but a pleasure. That's why we're now announcing that we've decreased the minimum value affiliates need to get in order to be able to withdraw their hard-earned brass: 50 euros This means you can withdraw money much faster, getting those 50 euros as the first of many fat and awesomely huge money withdrawals!

Low Commissions for Bank Transfers!

Our affiliates are the most important thing in the world and that's the reason why we're now announcing something real special: we've lowered our commissions on bank transfers! This ain't no joke! From now on, these are the commissions you can expect:

Charles Ngo’s Singapore Workshop - The Awesome Aftermath

Charles Ngo’s Singapore Workshop was a huge success! Mobidea was the event’s proud sponsor and we loved being a part of such an awesome affiliate marketing fest! The affiliate master shared a whole lotta cool info. You can’t get to know it all but we’ll share some tips that can really change your perspective and moves. For instance, Ngo spoke about one of the best secrets for you to store in your brain: even though competitive and popular traffic sources are awesome, you should always explore new land and go for those promising yet not-so-competitive geos.

Get Paid Every Business Day!

The Mobidea Crew knows how crucial cash flow is to affiliates and that's why we've been paying you every business day, for any payment method, including Wire Transfers. Every single payment method! Straight up! In case you're a VIP affiliate (a player that makes more than 10k a month) you'll get your money anytime, even on weekends.

From Unique Visits to Total Clicks

Our affiliates are the most important voices we hear on a daily basis. After reading your great feedback, we've decided to update our stats! From now on, the Mobidea platform will consider total Clicks instead of unique visits. This means the EPC (Earnings per 100 Clicks) is much more accurate now. These changes will make it possible for you to analyze and optimize better than ever before!

We're Going to Singapore with Charles Ngo!

You know the Mobidea Crew is like a rock group that’s always on the road! That’s right! Now we’re gonna go to Singapore, a highly technological country that’s brimming with excitement, novelty, and love for affiliate marketing!

Brand New Mainstream CPI Smartlink®

Mobidea has a brand new Smartlink® you can explore! Now, you can promote Mainstream CPI offers using the advanced algorithm that turns affiliates into money makers on a daily basis! Mobidea's exclusive CPI algorithm boosts your revenue by comparing our direct advertisers with the same app from other networks in real-time. This process takes both the payout ranges and conversion rate into consideration so that we can maximize your profits.

Epayments - A New Payment Method

Mobidea is known for being the kind of platform that caters to an affiliate’s every need. This is the reason why we’re announcing that, from now on, you can pick a new payment method on our platform: Epayments. Wanna use Epayments on Mobidea? Go to the “Cashier” section and change the “Using” bracket. It’s easy! Just click on “Add account” and pick Epayments as your preferred transfer method. You already knew Mobidea pays every business day. Now you know you can use your favorite payment method to do your thing.