Mobidea Acquires Traffic.Bar

A Strategic Acquisition

Mobidea's acquisition of Traffic.Bar represents a well-calculated move, perfectly aligning with Mobidea’s long-term strategic goals and strengthening its position in the digital marketplace.

Alex Gamm the CEO of Traffic.Bar will continue in his role along with the operational team. “We are incredibly excited about the journey ahead and the possibilities that lie in store.

Together, we aim to reach new heights, set bigger goals, and achieve even greater success,” he said.

This acquisition is anticipated to yield a higher EPM (Earnings Per Thousand Impressions) for Mobidea and its publishers, maximizing revenue from digital advertising campaigns.

Mobidea plans to leverage Traffic.Bar's technological prowess to sharpen its focus on key growth sectors such as Dating and Sweepstakes. with Traffic.Bar's expertise, Mobidea is well-poised to dominate these markets.

"We are deeply committed to delivering the best support and opportunities to our partners and customers, and together with Traffic.Bar, we will make this vision a reality." says Antoine Moreau, Founder of Mobidea.

What This Means for Mobidea's Partners

For those who have been a part of Mobidea's growth, this change signifies an exciting upgrade to your arsenal of marketing tools. This expanded platform of resources promises:

- Enhanced campaign performance across various business models (CPC, CPL, and CPA models),

- Greater reach in targeted advertising

- Access to the best performing and most recognized dating offers worldwide.

Looking Ahead

Mobidea and Traffic.Bar are eager to explore the many opportunities this partnership brings. With a commitment to success and innovation, the united companies aim to reach new heights and achievements that set a new precedent in the industry.

Both companies’ shared values of innovation, growth, and customer-centric approach will continue to be the guiding principles in realizing their goals.

By combining technological expertise with advanced marketing skills, these two companies will reach unprecedented heights with their publishers and create higher value for advertisers.

About Mobidea

Mobidea stands out as a leading figure in the affiliate marketing sphere, particularly for programs centered around mVAS (Mobile Value Added Services).

With a rich history of optimizing online advertising and driving substantial revenue, Mobidea has always been at the forefront of innovation within the industry since 2011. It boasts a substantial network of 1,500+ client partners, offers exceeding 9,000, and a community of 130,000+ registered affiliates.

About Traffic.Bar

Since its inception in 2017, Traffic.Bar has carved out a niche in the advertising network domain, particularly in the Dating vertical.

Known for delivering premium traffic and optimizing it for better reach and effectiveness, has established itself as a trusted name amongst advertisers and publishers alike.

A huge factor behind Traffic.Bar's success is its team's composition, with an impressive 75% specializing in technology. This focus on tech has been instrumental in developing a SmartLink equipped with cutting-edge solutions. It optimizes publisher traffic and improves landing page rotation, consequently boosting the RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Impressions) significantly.

So buckle up, join forces with us, and let's conquer new horizons together!
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