Mobidea will be one of the major players at the European Summit!

Guess what? This year, the European Summit is expecting participants from more than 30 countries, and Mobidea is going to be there! We'll be present as a Supersized Sponsor.

If you're wondering what this wicked honor is all about, let us explain. The European Summit connects thousands of professionals on the international scene and it has been one of the main events of the Online Entertainment Industry since 2009. This is a perfect opportunity for us to remind the world that, when it comes to the online business, we're untouchable!

As usual, our team is always available for its affiliate bros. We walk this road to the top together. We recognize that we all create a united front and that's why we got some news that will make you scream. Can't wait to know? It's a simple idea that is gonna change the rules of the game: VIP status.

Wanna know what it’s all about? Let Nabil Ben Khélifa, the Sales Director of Mobidea, explain it to you: "every business has his top customers, and we believe they deserve personalized attention." If you are one of the top players and generate more than 10 000€ in the last 30 days, you become a VIP affiliate and get a lotta benefits - special attention from Mobidea’s dedicated experts, priority cashout and access to online webinars.

According to Nabil, at Mobidea “we believe our affiliates are part of our team, so we dedicate an expert to each VIP affiliate to follow him step by step on a daily basis in order to achieve his objectives.” Who's taking care of you? We are! We value your hard work and your drive and this is how it's done! Now you know: if you wanna make that pile of cash grow bigger and bigger you just have to come to the Summit and meet Mobidea’s Team. They’re psyched to answer all your questions!

To prove that we see our affiliates as part of a unique family, we launched a slick new idea: the Mobidea Academy. Our team of Expert media buyers will show you how to increase your revenues and give you a taste of it all - from the basics of media buy to some of the hottest techniques. Enjoy our shared knowledge and experience, and take your business to the next level! You know that there's only one way to go if you're with us: the top!

We're stoked to see you at the European Summit! We'll answer all your questions.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get to meet and greet all our brothers in business!

Mobidea Crew
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