Win $3.000 with Mobidea's Sweepstakes Disco Contest!

August means going to the beach, enjoying a newly tanned body, partying all night long, and getting to experience the joys of bathing in the baby-blue sea.

On Mobidea, though, we also think it means a super cool new contest.

The Sweeps Disco contest!

That’s right.

What’s the goal?

Affiliates who wanna participate must push the sweepstakes segment like true pros, earning big with enthusiastic gusto and ambitious drive!

The contest has a duration of 30 days: it starts on August 21st and ends on September 21st.

Feel like you want in?

Want some sweet extra cash to party all night long?

Then become part of this amazing contest and get ready to be crowned Sweepstakes King!

How much can you earn?


What’s the prize?

The #1 winner - forever known as “Disco King” - will earn 10% extra Revenue Share, up to $2500.

Then, there’s gonna be a super lucky random winner.

This “Lucky Star” will win 10% extra Revenue Share, up to $500.

Who’s eligible?

Any approved affiliate who applies to the contest using this link and who states their Mobidea email address and the alias they’d like to be known as.

Be creative, guys! e.g “The Notorious Big”.

Don’t forget: Terms & Conditions apply.

You can apply at anytime during the contest.

How does it work?

Wanna win the “Disco King” prize?

The affiliate who manages to generate more revenues on Sweepstakes offers during the contest will be announced as the winner on September 22nd.

They will get 10% extra revenue share credit on their account.

That amount is gonna be calculated based on revenues generated on Sweepstakes offers during the month of October, and up to $2.500. Terms & Conditions apply.

As for the “Lucky Star” winner, it can be any contestant who’s able to generate more than $500 on Sweepstakes offers throughout the duration of the contest.

This specific winner will be announced on September 22nd.

The lucky prize winner will earn 10% extra Revenue Share credit on their account.

This amount will be calculated based on revenues generated during October, and up to $500. Terms & Conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions

-Revenues will be counted as criteria to qualify for the prizes from the moment the affiliate applies to the contest.
-Each affiliate account can only win one of the prizes.
-Affiliates will only be eligible to any of the prizes if they generate at least $500 in revenues while promoting Sweepstakes offers.
-Affiliates must comply with Mobidea’s Terms and Conditions.
-Mobidea reserves the right to make all decisions with respect to an affiliate’s eligibility for the performance bonus.
-The affiliates who meet the eligibility requirements for the prize will receive it as a credit on their account on the first week of November.
-Only campaign earnings are considered as base for the extra revenue share. Affiliate referral commissions and other bonuses or incentives are excluded in the calculation of the $500 of minimum revenue you need in order to be eligible for this contest.
-Ad networks, affiliate networks, CPA networks and non-approved affiliates are not eligible for prizes.
-Prizes will be sent to the affiliate’s account on Mobidea using the account’s set currency, calculated at the exchange rate for that specific day.
-When applying to the contest, affiliates should provide the email they use when signing into Mobidea.
-The draw for the “Lucky Star” prize will be held on September 22nd, 2017 through
-The “Disco King” will be announced on September 22nd, 2017.
-Winners will be announced on Mobidea’s Social Media pages, Mobidea’s News page, Forum contest threads, and directly via email between the 22nd and 26th of September 2017.
-Questions? Send an email to

Now let’s get ready to dance the night away...and make it rain while we’re at it!

It’s time to sweep!

Let’s go!
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