The Blue Book Top 20 Networks - Vote for Mobidea!

You know Mobidea is a technologically evolved mobile affiliate network who is always innovating and coming up with cool new features.

Our goal is to leave you dazzled and give you amazing tools to help you earn your way to the top of the affiliate marketing world.

That’s why this proud affiliate network is running for a top prize: to have the chance of being regarded as one of the world’s Top 20 CPA Networks!

We were fortunate enough to win this prestigious award this year and want to be able to count on you to help us win again.

This is all about you, your experience with us, and it's a chance to make a mark and share your love for Mobidea.

What is the mThink ranking?

The Blue Book is an annual ranking of the Top 20 cost-per-sale and cost-per-acquisition networks worldwide, informed by a four month industry-wide survey, input from a Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts as well as other data.

This award is all about answering this super important question:

What is the network that provides the best service to its affiliates in our industry?

This is an annual ranking whose mission is to make sure the updated ranking always represents a clear picture of the current affiliate marketing world.

The networks which work hard to innovate and stay on top of the game are therefore rewarded for their ambitious drive and entrepreneurial passion.

How do you vote, allowing Mobidea to be part of this select elite for the second year in a row?

All you have to do is to complete a survey.

It’ll only take a couple of minutes.

Pick Mobidea as your favorite CPA Network on question #2 and #4!

We’re counting on you, bro!

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