Review Mobidea on STM and Win Incredible Prizes!

Mobidea is bringing you a fantastic new contest!

We want you guys to write a review of Mobidea’s New Tracker Capabilities on STM!

If you’re a member of the famous Mobidea Crew, then you’re able to be a part of this opportunity to win some cool prizes.

What are the prizes, you ask?

-Best Written Review - 1200€
-Best Video Review - 600€
-Higher number of Facebook shares - 200€

Here’s how to participate:

-Read the rules carefully
-Write your super cool review
-Create a video on YouTube, titled “Review of Mobidea’s Tracker Capabilities.”
-Share the YouTube video on your Facebook post (don’t forget to include the #AffiliateMarketing and #Mobidea hashtags.)
-Submit your entry like a pro!

Submit your entry to with the subject “New Mobidea Review Contest.”

Don’t forget to include the following:

-Your STM username
-Your YouTube video link
-The written review
-The link to your Facebook video post

Wanna get to go even farther?

Publish your awesome article on your personal blog (one that’s obviously related with marketing or a similar subject) or on STM. Please include the URLs of these posts in the email you’re gonna send to Mobidea.

The goal is for us to be able to read an amazing review.

It’s gotta be thorough, well-structured, mention the most important aspects, cover every part of the new Mobidea platform, and contain an opinion, of course.

As for the video, here’s what we’re looking for:

-Review structure
-Video quality
-The number of views, quality of the comments, and number of likes it gets on both Facebook and YouTube
-The SERP ranking it gets on Video search results for the query “Mobidea Tracker Review”

Are there any rules you should follow?


List of rules:

-Only ONE review per person
-The review can be written in English, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, or French. No other languages will be accepted so take that info into account.
-In order for you to be able to win a prize, you’ve gotta be signed up on Mobidea as an affiliate. You also have to insert the info needed to cash out your incredible prize.
-Be original. Plagiarism or same-old-story type of reviews will not be accepted.
-On the video, don’t forget to mention your STM forum username (in case you’ve got one.)
-The video should be titled “Mobidea Tracker Review.”
-Troll videos will not be allowed.
-The prize will be sent to your Mobidea account and we won’t transfer the money to any other payment methods.
-As soon as we receive your email, you’ll be accepting our Terms & Conditions.

Don’t know which ones?

Here they are:

-Every contestant must comply with the Terms of Service of YouTube, Facebook and STM.
-Any taxes levied will be paid by the affiliate.
-Mobidea will not be responsible for any loss or damages which relate to this contest.
-In case you’re a minor, Mobidea will send your prize to either your parents or legal guardians.
-When using the reviews for promotional goals, Mobidea will always name the creator’s name and surname, so that people recognize the contribution of our affiliates.

You can submit your entry until the 1st of September 2017 at Midnight (GMT+1 Lisbon, PT time)

Check the STM thread right here!
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