Mobidea and Forobeta are Teaming Up for an Awesome Contest!

Mobidea and Forobeta are now announcing a memorable contest that’s gonna give you some wicked prizes!

How can you win?

By creating an amazing review of Mobidea’s New Tracker Capabilities, a data revolution that’s promising to change how users perceive affiliate marketing platforms!

You can get several prizes in the following cases:

1. Highest position in for the search “” - 1000 EUR
2. Best review, evaluated by Mobidea’s Online Marketing Team - 750 EUR
3. Highest number of views on Youtube (300 EUR)
4. Highest number of shares on Facebook (300 EUR)

When will you find out whether or not you’ve won?

The result will be known on September 1st 2017, at Midnight GMT-7.

We will only take into account results which appear on the search engines and those shares and views which can be effectively measured.

How can I get in on the action?

Create a post on Forobeta’s Mobidea section containing a review of Mobidea’s new tracker capabilities.

The review will be checked by an expert panel in less than 24 hours.

Title: Mobidea Tracker Review
Text: a review explaining and analyzing the aspects that you find relevant about the new tracker.
Youtube video: inside the post (optional)
Facebook: insert your review on Facebook using the hashtag “#mobideatrackerreview” (optional)

How to make sure the Mobidea Crew can get to check your contribution?

Send an email to with:

-Your email and Mobidea account name
-A link to the Youtube video (in case there is one)
-A link to your Facebook post (in case there is one)
-A link to the Forobeta post

Here are some guidelines for you to take into account:

-If you create a Youtube video, you must insert your username, either in the video’s title or the description
-No troll videos allowed!
-We won’t accept any videos containing inappropriate themes which are unrelated to the topic
-You can work and present your proposal as a group
-Only one review per person/group. You’re free to edit your review taking SEO into consideration

For more information, don’t forget to check the Terms & Conditions on Forobeta!
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