Earn €5000 in Mobidea's Black Friday Contest!

That’s right!

The Mobidea Crew is at it again, with another contest that’s bound to give you a lot of saucy moolah!

It’s a giveaway of €5000!

Wondering about which prizes we’ve got for you?

-1 Prize of €1500
-2 Prizes of €1000
-3 Prizes of €500

How can you win?

From November 14th until December 13th, you can win a whole lotta cash.

If you increase your earnings by €3000 or more between November 14th and December 13th (compared to the earnings you made in the previous month - October 14th until November 13th) you’ll be able to become part of the money game!

Depending on their revenue increase, contestants will enter different draws:

-1st Winner: an increase of €7500 - raffle for the prize of €1500
-2nd Winner and 3rd Winner: an increase between €5000-€7499 - raffle for 2 prizes of €1000
-4th Winner, 5th Winner, and 6th Winner: an increase between €3000-€4999 - raffle for 3 prizes of €500

We’ll announce the winners after the end of the contest, during the week of December 14th.

Get ready to make it rain, bro!

This is a Black Friday you won’t forget!

Ready to apply to this phenomenal contest?

Click here!

Terms & Conditions

-The comparison periods are (DD/MM/YYYY) 14/11/2017-13/12/2017 versus 14/10/2017-13/11/2017. The dates are inclusive.
-The prize will be credited into the affiliate’s balance on Mobidea.
-You can only cash out the prize in case you’re an affiliate who has a validated Mobidea account, has submitted verification documents, and has been approved by Mobidea’s Support Squad.
-Each affiliate account can only win one of the prizes.
-Affiliates must comply with Mobidea’s Terms and Conditions.
-Mobidea reserves the right to make all the decisions in what regards an affiliate’s eligibility for the performance bonus.
-Only campaign earnings are considered as a basis for eligibility for this contest. Affiliate referral commissions and other bonuses or incentives are excluded from any revenue calculations.
-Ad networks, affiliate networks, CPA networks and non-approved affiliates are not eligible for prizes.
-Prizes will be sent to the affiliate’s account on Mobidea, using the account’s set currency, calculated at the exchange rate for that specific day.
-When applying to the contest, affiliates should provide the email they use when signing into Mobidea.
-The draw for the prizes will be held through
-Winners will be announced on Mobidea’s Social Media pages, Mobidea’s News page, Forum contest threads, and directly via email during the week of December 14th.
-Results will be counted from 00:00 of November 14th until 00:00 of December 14th UTC+1.
-Questions? Send an email to
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