Check the Winners of the Second Round of our Breakdance Challenge!

Another round, and a whole lotta cash won by two phenomenal affiliates.

The promotion of Mobile Content went through the online roof and affiliates bet heavily on this amazingly profitable vertical!

Ready to find out who’s won this cool round?

The 1st place goes to VdV with 83.6 points!

The 2nd place?

It’s all for Jeremyx, who earned 7.3 points!

This was another super competitive round.

In the next round, we want you guys to battle in the Dating arena!

From November 13th until December 18th, you have to bet high like a master who makes money faster!

The 3rd round is on like Reggaeton!

Pay attention, stay focused, no Smartlinks, and make it rain like it’s insane!

Dating time, bro!

Go for it!


Don’t know the rules of this awesome contest?

Click this link and do your thing!

The Mobidea Crew (TMC)
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