Check the Winners of the First Round of our Breakdance Challenge!

The stakes were high, our affiliates went crazy, and everyone seems to have gone all in when it comes to the promotion of Sweepstakes, Coupons and Vouchers!

The promotion of Single Offers from these awesome verticals went through the roof.

Our affiliates made a whole lotta cash but guess what?

There can only be two amazing winners!

Ready to find out who's won the first round?

The 1st place goes to Black Mamba, with 9.1 points!

The 2nd place winner?

Floor Destroyer, with 8.5 points!

This contest was fiercely fought between these two great warriors!

They may have won the first round but who knows what's gonna happen in the 2nd round?

In the next round, affiliates will be promoting Mobile Content offers.

Feel like you wanna explore this contest but don't know the rules?

Check this link!

The second round has started!

Stay focused, promote Mobile Content offers on Mobidea and who knows?

You may be joining Black Mamba and Floor Destroyer in the winning throne!

The Mobidea Crew (TMC)
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