The Sweeps Disco Contest is Now Over!

The Sweepstakes Disco Contest was a ferocious fight for greatness but it’s now over.

During this competitive contest, Mobidea’s amazing affiliates were able to dedicate a whole lotta time and invest like crazy, making sure that Sweepstakes became one of the best verticals on Mobidea!

Sweepstakes doesn't need contests, though.

In fact, it’s such an amazing and simple way to galvanize users into converting that it sells itself.

Whether it’s convincing users to become part of a contest to win an iPhone 6 or allowing people to participate in a draw to earn a brand-new Corvette, Sweepstakes are a staple of the affiliate marketing industry and will continue to generate a tremendous amount of profit for every player in town.


I think we’re forgetting something.

The winners!

Here’s the announcement you’ve been waiting for!

The winner of the “Disco King” prize, the person who shall win 10% from what he’ll earn next month and the world’s respect, is Bhargava.

What about the random “Lucky Prize Winner”?

This fellow is gonna be laughing like a capital-crazed maniac because he’s also gonna make 10% from what he’ll earn next month!

The name?


Thanks to everyone who participated in this phenomenal Sweeps fest!

You guys proved you’ve got what it takes to be true Mobidea Crew ballers!

As for the winners, congrats!

You rock!

The Mobidea Crew (TMC)
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