Pump up the Voluum!

There’s a new feature at Mobidea that’s going to make your life easier. If you use Voluum, you don’t have to spend time setting up parameters for your Postback URL. At Mobidea, we've been working on a pre integration with Voluum tracking, so you only have to copy your Voluum subdomain and that's it. You don’t have to waste time configuring it. Everyone knows that time is money but nobody knows it as well as our affiliate bros!

To configure it, click on the ADVANCED button next to the Smartlink or Offer, then click on Postback and finally click on the Voluum logo. Now just enter your Voluum subdomain and the link with the data3 already configured.

Now you only have to copy the link into your campaign in Voluum and you're good to go.

Track your conversions, optimize your campaign, improve your profits!

Mobidea Crew
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