Mobidea is a Partner Network of 6WAMC!

Mobidea is now a Partner Network of 6WAMC, the coolest walkthrough around for Affiliate Marketing hopefuls!

This is quite the honor, since it means the StackThatMoney affiliate forum - creators of the 6WAMC affiliate mastery programme - is now going to work closely with us.

More specifically, the platform is going to be partnering up with the Mobidea Crew to come up with case studies, and think about industry’s best practices.

This partnership is a crucial part of STM’s training programme. The training lasts for 6 weeks and gives students the chance to learn from the example of industry gurus such as Hugh Hancock and Drew Eric Whitman!

The programme is gonna allow affiliates to learn through video tutorials, launch campaigns with partner traffic sources, and has got a full-blown support teeming with course coordinators from selected partners who’ll help students reach for the stars.

You know as well as anyone that this is a prize for Mobidea, recognizing our amazing investment on education.

Two years ago, we decided to create the Mobidea Academy!

Today, we continue helping thousands of affiliates, providing tips, tricks, and guides that give users the info they need to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Stay tuned to the 6WAMC programme right here!

And know that, when you play with 6WAMC, you’re gonna be playing with members of the Mobidea Crew who’ll hook you up with top-notch knowledge!

True dat!

The Mobidea Crew (TMC)
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