Here's the Brand-New Mobidea Academy!

The revamped and brand-new Mobidea Academy is here for you!

You know Mobidea has always been ready to invest on the precious education of our prized affiliates and it’s with amazing joy that we’re announcing we’ve got a dope Mobidea Academy that’s gonna knock you out with the very best content produced in the affiliate marketing world.

Now, you can get ready to experience a whole new platform, with a responsive and hyper colorful design, and lots of surprises for you to check.

You wanted to be able to find videos in the Mobidea Academy so that our Mobidea Experts could explain some features of Mobidea’s platform and walk you through so that you could maximize profits like a master?

You got it now!

Our “Learn the Platform” videos are cool walkthroughs for you to check and learn how to withdraw money from your account, how to analyze stats on Mobidea’s new Tracker, and how to explore the platform like the best of them.

You wanted to have the chance to read our content in a way that felt like you were being effectively educated, starting from the post that was dedicated to beginners until you were able to reach the highest affiliate heights and become a super pro who reads remarkably complex articles?

We’ve got the new “Learning Paths” feature that’s gonna give you just that!

Indeed, you now have 5 Learning Paths.

You start with the NEWBIE path and read a group of expertly selected posts that are really perfect to get you started in the affiliate marketing world.

Then, you can explore four other Learning Paths, each filled with more complex content that’s gonna take you from hopeful beginner to super pro in no time.

Don’t forget we’ll always update this section with new “Learning Paths” for you to explore.

Moreover, we’ll also update the existing ones in case we notice that there’s another article that’s best suited to a specific path.

What about Affiliate Guides?

Those informative links filled with info related to affiliate marketing, media buying, native advertising and so much more?

As a Mobidea Academy subscriber or a Mobidea affiliate, you can now have full and FREE access to ALL our guides in the brand-new and minty fresh Mobidea Academy!

Are you a newbie who’s in some need of guidance?

You don’t understand the affiliate lingo and feel assaulted by all the different terms and jargon that come with the territory?

No biggie!

The new Mobidea Academy has an amazing Glossary of terms for you to check, learn and impress your friends!

But, wait?

Are you wondering about the quality of the content?

Will it still be content created by Mobidea Experts, Industry Gurus and Online Marketing Influencers packing some serious knowledge?

You know it!

Why are you still reading this?

Come on, bro!

Go at it!

Experience the new Mobidea Academy now!
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