Brand New Wordpress Plugin

At Mobidea, we keep thinking about new ways of improving your life. We spend a lot of time devoted to our users, getting ideas from your feedback.

If our bros want something, we’ll try to provide! That’s why we’re gonna help you get rid of the barriers that, at times, may prevent you from being able to share content on social networks, such as facing the risk of getting blocked.

Now, we are announcing that we have a new Wordpress plugin. With this new tool, you can choose to only redirect Operator traffic. This means that you can make sure that your campaigns won’t get affected by the policies of social networks. Way to dodge a bullet, right?

In fact, with the new Wordpress plugin, you can select which traffic to redirect. It’s that simple! If you choose wisely, you can avoid being blocked by social networks, making sure that you can always use those platforms to do your thing.

Who’s got your back? We’ll keep listening to your requests, trying to find ways to make it easier for you to earn that sweet cash!

The Mobidea Crew

To download the plugin, visit the section Smart Tools, then select the category of your choice and click in Redirects.
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