80% rev-share for all affiliates. new VIP status!

From now on, no more evolving payouts and 80% rev-share for everyone at all times. That’s right! It's no joke! We don't play around and we thought about how to make you stack even bigger piles of $$$.

What's VIP status?

It means you gonna join the big ballers! No more playing in the little leagues! This is for real!
If you make more than 10.000 euros in the last 30 days, you become a VIP affiliate. That means you get that extra special attention only the best can get:
- Dedicated expert;
- Priority cashout;
- Access to industry webinars;
- Tickets to industry events.

If you can think of any services we could give our affiliate bros just let us know. We want to hear your opinion. Without you there's no crew, you feel me? Write us an email to
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