Let's Meet

The European Summit - Cascais

Lisbon, Portugal // 02 - Mar

Let's Meet

The European Summit is simply one of the best-loved and most respected events for brave affiliate marketing pros to discuss industry trends!

Do you really think we'd miss the chance to be part of this remarkably cool gathering?

No way!

We're more psyched than ever before, because we know Charles Ngo is gonna be a keynote speaker!

The title of his wonderful speech?

"The Mobile Blueprint: My Formula You Can Steal to Create Profitable Campaigns"

This speech is gonna be all about providing you with incredible tactics so you can get that extra edge and beat your competitors!

Ready to meet us in this memorable event and to watch a true master in living color?

Let's go!

Cascais is waiting for you to come join us!

map of the event

Who's going?

  • Antoine


  • João

    Head of Marketing


Come meet the Mobidea Crew in Cascais, Lisbon's sunny neighbor!