Let's Meet

The European Summit Prague

Prague, Czech Republic // 14 - Sep

Let's Meet

The foremost event when it comes to discussing affiliate marketing in the Adult industry?

It'd be a crime for the Mobidea Crew not to show up in classy style!

We're even gonna be giving an awesome workshop!

Which one?

MOBIDEA: How can Networks boost their Performance to Affiliates?

When: Friday, September 15, 3:30PM – 4:20PM

Where: Berlin Seminar Room

Do you run an Affiliate Network?

Then you can't possibly miss a workshop in which the Mobidea Crew is gonna explain how we can help other networks increase the revenue of their affiliates!

Here's what we're gonna be talking about:

-How Mobidea's Tracker capabilities can help other Networks increase their performance
-We'll be analyzing different Advertising Tools: Pay-for-Performance Smartlink, Single Offers, and A/B Testing
-Cash flow management and opportunities
-Discussion of several case studies

Impossible to miss!

Who's going?

  • Nelson Nascimento

    Affiliates Director

  • Maria Carvalho

    Account Manager


Come meet the Mobidea Crew at The European Summit!
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