Our Commitment to Affiliates

As you probably know, Mobidea now has more than 130.000 affiliates!

With such a great number of affiliates, there’s a great responsibility to make sure that:

-We’re there for you, through our Customer Service and Account Manager channels
-We’re constantly innovating, as we’ve recently done with the Mobidea Tracker and the Opportunities page
-We provide you the right tips and advice for you to start playing the game and develop your skills, with the Mobidea Academy

Moreover, one of our commitments to you, our affiliate, is for us to continue to be able to have an appealing range of offers.

This can only happen through a great relationship with our advertisers, based on trust and results.

That’s why - bearing your experience in mind - we’re now prioritizing a more thorough quality control and tighter performance checks.

To make sure this is possible, we’ve decided to limit payments to one per week, on Wednesdays.

No worries!

You can still request a payment whenever you want - up to two requests per calendar week (Monday-Sunday).

As always, you know you can contact our wonderful Customer Service by sending an email to

You can also get in touch with your Account Manager to ask any question you feel like asking!


The Mobidea Crew (TMC)
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